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Smoking And The Body Essay

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SMOKING AND THE BODY Have you ever had a family member, or loved one that has passed due to cancer or any smoking related disease? My grandfather died of cancer. He had been a smoker from the age of seventeen to the ripe old age of fifty-five. I loved my grandpa. Smoking greatly increases your chance of cardiovascular disease; (Coronary Angioplasty pamphlet, 1985) and second smoke may cause you to have a life-threatening prognosis such as cancer (Learning Library pg.31, 1997). One person dies every seventy-two seconds as a result of tobacco. That's twelve hundred a day (, date not available). Smoking greatly endangers your future and the future of people around you.Twelve hundred people dying every day are way too many. In my opinion this is terrible. I believe that this number is unacceptable. We need to realize that the tobacco companies are making smoking look like it isn't that big of a deal. They have known for a long time that smoking can cause lots of damage and even death. Here is an example of what the tobacco companies don't tell you. If you begin to smoke in your teens, which ninety percent of people do, and continue to do so for twenty years or more, you are more likely to die twenty to twenty-five years earlier than someone who has never smoked before (, date not available).Tobacco companies have one main objective. Turn everyone, regardless of age, race, or gender, into smokers. Their worst nightmare is becoming a reality. We are beginning to find out the secrets behind smoking and the way that they try to lure...

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