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A History Of Tobacco And Smoking In America

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Every year cigarette smoking is responsible for 500,000 premature deaths (Nugel), you do not want to be just another statistic, do you? America’s first cash crop was tobacco. That means that tobacco has been around for a really long time. It was not until 1865, though, that cigarettes were sold commercially. They were sold to soldiers at the end of the Civil War (Dowshen). From then, cigarettes spread like wildfire, and it was not until 1964 that anyone made a stand about the negative effects of tobacco and cigarettes. People start smoking for all different reasons, some to fit in and some to “escape”. Regardless, it is a horrible habit. 3900 children will try their first cigarette today. Amongst adults who currently smoke, 68% of them began at age 18 or younger, and 85% at 21 or younger (American Lung Association). And of all those people, 70% say if they were given another chance they would never have picked up that first cigarette (Tobacco Free Maine). Smoking is responsible for 1 and 5 deaths in the united states, and is the number one preventable cause of death (NLH). Smoking burns and there is no doubt about that, but before one picks up that cigarette, understand the negative effects on not only oneself, but others affected by ones poor choices, like second-hand smoke. Because of smoking cigarettes, many types of cancer, decrease of life quality, and negative health effects have become all too common in the world today.
There are over 7,000 chemicals present in tobacco smoke. Of those over 250 are deemed harmful, and of those 69 are cancer causing. Those cancer causing substances are called carcinogens (Nugel). It is clear that cancer and smoking can be linked. Smoking causes cancer of the lung esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and cervix. approximately 90% of of lung cancer cases are from smoking tobacco (TBF). On top of that just by breathing in secondhand smoke one can get lung cancer. A person not even smoking can get cancer without even smoking, now that’s messed up.
Along with putting others at risk, cigarette smoke releases carbon dioxide in the air, harming the environment. Cigarettes harm the environment, the smoker and the people around the smoker. A common health problems in smokers is cancer. There is no cure for cancer. Which makes one think with all of these risks, especially the risk of cancer why would one do it? To many, there is no precise reason. The only reasonable answer is the addictive qualities in cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. Once nicotine is in you consistently, one needs it just to feel “normal” (Smoking). Knowing that though, why start? People start because they do not think that they will become addicted. To no surprise, most of them do. Nicotine in cigarettes can get people hooked in as little as a couple weeks (Smoking). The biggest influences on kids is their parents and their peers (Centers for Disease Control).
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