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Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Banned As A Drug

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Plague and cholera caused thousands of millions of people dead. Thanks to the medical advances, those diseases were eradicated. Now, when the whole world is worrying about AIDS, which has not found the solution yet; the appearance of tobacco is causing the great harms to human life. Many people think that they have the right to smoke; smoking helps them deal with stress and work more effectively, and they are contributing to their country’s economy when they smoke. On the other hand, people will get addicted to cigarette. Moreovers, smoking has many negative effects on the smokers, the non-smokers, and the environment. Smoking cigarette extremely affects human health. Smoking can cause diseases of the lungs, liver, and heart. Smoker’s life expectancy will be reduced greatly compared with non-smokers. The people near the smokers also inhale the toxic smoke, and they will be poisoned. Especially, the inhalation of second-hand tobacco smoke also has high capable risking of getting diseases than smokers. Moreover, according to Kathleen Sebelius - the Secretary of Heath and Human Services, “Tobacco use imposes enormous public health and financial cost on this nation-cost that are completely avoidable. Until we end tobacco use, more people will become addicted, more people will become sick, more families will be devastated by the lost of loved ones and the nation will continue to incur damaging medical and lost productivity cost” (“How Tobacco Smoke Causes Diseases”). Although smokers have their own reasons to support smoke, smoking cigarette should be banned because people will be addicted in smoking, and smoking has negative consequenses on smokers, nonsmokers, the ecomony and the environment.
First, tobacco contains Nicotine, which causes addiction to smokers. Nicotine is the fundamental composition of cigarette. Nicotine is a drug that is classified as a stimulant. It has some depressive effect as well. “Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid that is the major psychoactive (mood-altering) ingredient in tobacco. Alkaloids are carbon and nitrogen containing compounds” (“Tobacco”). They have both poisonous and medicinal properties. When cigarette was founded, people used it as a headache medication. Cigarette helps people become excited and has cheery spirit. Cigarette also against the state of fatigue, sluggishness, and drowsiness because Nicotine helps the brain “release dopamine and endorphine” (“Tobacco”). Nicotine affects the central nervous system as well as the hypothalamus of the smokers. It goes through the blood-brain barrier easily and accumulates the brain faster than caffeine or heroin (“Tobacco”). Cigarettes are used to satisfy the Nicotine need of the brain, which cannot replace by any other materials. Nicotine increases the release of neurotransmitters, which facilitates memories, and mental processes. Scientists determined that the chemical and physical effects and behavior processes that contribute to tobacco addiction are similar to those...

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