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The one substance found in tobacco, which is in cigarettes, is nicotine, a highly addictive drug. The drug rearranges the chemicals in the brain, dopamine and noradrenaline, causing a change in mood and concentration, giving off a feeling of relaxation. The drug elevates the mood and heart rate but doesn't last for very long.
Once the nicotine leaves the body, the addiction begins and a craving for another cigarette begins. Without replenishing the nicotine in the body, the body endures unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The more someone smokes, the more the brain gets used to the drug, so a higher nicotine intake would be needed to get the same effect on a person who has been smoking all ...view middle of the document...

Even after smoking, there is an evident 75% chance of picking up the habit once again. Each smoker spends, on average, $83 billion annually on cigarettes alone. Other drugs a smoker may be engaging in would add to that total. Giving all of that money to a tobacco company, it's inevitable that the company would do its best to keep its reputation.
There are many organizations that are out there to help victims who wish to quit. The Foundation for a Smokefree America, American Cancer Society, and American Lung Cancer Association are examples of organizations that are out there providing assistance.

Quitting is difficult, especially for those who have been using the drug for many years. Being less addicted to the substance helps, but everyone is prone to being completely addicted. It also means that everyone has a chance to redeem themselves of the addiction.
20 minutes after the last cigarette, blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature return back to a normal, healthier level. According to Professor Chris Bolliger, pulmonary expert from the University of Stellenbosch's Faculty of Health Sciences, Bolliger states that nicotine's addiction is highly underrated. While lung capacity increases and bronchial tubes relax, air is allowed to pass through easier.
According to research from the Boston University's School of Dental Medicine, most ex-smokers remain as ex-smokers after one year in abstinence. Abstaining from the drug, only two to four percent of smokers pick up the habit again after two years. Success rate after six months is half. That percentage goes down to 35 percent after one year and thirty percent after two years.
While quitting is very difficult, there are certain reasons as to why the difficulty of quitting for each person could be different. A person who smokes more cigarettes per day would have a hard time quitting, rather than someone who used the drug sparingly. The lack of nicotine consecutively, after multiple everyday usage, is very difficult to overcome. Time spent with people who smoke can overcome the abstinence because of the secondhand smoke nicotine entering their body, making their cravings stronger because the indirect nicotine is like a tease for their body. Finally, it always comes back to the reason as to why that person had started smoking in the first place. Smoking takes a toll on a person after they have begun. Whether it be because of peer pressure or stress, it places a lot of pressure on the person.
Factors that affect the longevity of abstaining from the drug varies, depending on the person. These factors may include nicotine replacement therapy, the drug Zyban, and quitting...

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