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The advertisement uses a gun and cigarettes to display the damage smoking causes. The cigarettes are used as bullets which infers to the statement “smoking kills.” The image clearly focuses on why to stop smoking and those who view this advertisement should not miss anything, especially not the gun or bullets as cigarettes. It also gives the reader a list of major health consequences from smoking cigarettes such as strokes, increased blood pressure, emphysema, cancer, suppresses immune function, reduces stamina, leads to depression and fatigue, may cause fatal heart attacks, etc. According to CDC, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, accounting ...view middle of the document...

One thing I noticed about the people who work in the tobacco industries is that they offer a lot of giveaways that fascinate teenagers such as wristbands, jackets, hats and especially t-shirts. With all the choices that teens have potential viewers and viewers are persuaded to try this narcotic with no one to prevent them from this performance and choices that are being made. Not saying all advertisements are made by tobacco companies are bad, they are just very tempting, bad for a persons health and persuasive. Although, this ad does an excellent job persuading smokers and non-smokers to stop their habits and if they have not already started to, never do so.
Apparently, with this smoking advertisement the claim that is being made is to never smoke or start because it does not benefit you at all and it is supported by the facts based on the ad. With this smoking advertisement the design was actually good and the fact that there was a weapon made it look even more realistic. It actually described what was going on, why it should not go on and the different symptoms. The advertisement was designed nicely so that viewers can interpret it the way expected. In the ad, the color was just dark and black so when people viewed it perhaps it would make teens and older people feel alone, depressed and blocked in. The word choices were outstanding to me because I really assume that when people view this ad it will catch their eye and possibly change the life a person in some sort of manner. Honestly, the gun alone should lead the viewers into a different direction if those people desire to keep their life and health in good standing. This advertisement simply appeals to logos because it states true facts about how smoking causes damage to the body.
This smoking advertisement also appeals to pathos and ethos. With pathos, this ad uses fear to influence people to stop smoking and encourage those who do not smoke to never smoke and help the ones that they love. Looking at the gun, cigarettes and the symptoms on the ad should frighten anyone, smokers and non-smokers, because those same things can happen to them as well. Unlike other advertisements about...

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