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Smoking Off A Pregnancy Essay

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Many would argue that childbirth is a beautiful and miraculous event, however the process of the pregnancy is a very fragile time in the mother's life. During this time most everyone would agree that the mother should attempt to do everything that is possible to take care of her body. There are some habits, however, that an extremely difficult to break, even during a pregnancy. The practice of smoking tobacco is one of those habits. Many doctors would argue that smoking is never healthy for the body especially during a pregnancy. For years institutions have sought to produce statistical data to uncover the effects of smoking during a pregnancy. Even with the changing times, statistical ...view middle of the document...

From the study published by the Palo Alto Medical Clinic, the conclusion can be drawn that smoking during pregnancy can at most be linked to premature births. Other recent statistical studies, however, have determined that other complications can be linked to smoking during pregnancies. One such study was completed in 2007 by the Division of Public Health in the Department of Health and Human Services for the state of North Carolina. The purpose of this statistical study was to examine the relationship between the birth defect of clubbed feet and smoking during the pregnancy. The study examined data from the NCBDMP and selected only those children born with clubfeet (Dickinson). Out of the births examines, the study found approximately 443 cases in which the children were born with clubfoot (Dickinson). The study then selected at random a control group of all births of only 4,500 of those infants (Dickinson). To determine whether the mother smoked during pregnancy the study relied on the self-report question on the baby’s birth certificate.
Of the control group selected, about 13% had been born from a mother who smoked during the pregnancy (Dickinson). Of the 443 in the case group, about 18% had been born from a mother who smoked during pregnancy (Dickinson). Other data gained from the survey included an optimistic figure of only 0.6% infant mortality in both the control and case groups (Dickinson). The study concluded that there was an increase in the risk that an infant would be born with clubfoot if the mother had smoked during pregnancy.
Other studies on smoking during pregnancies have produced similar data. The American Lung Association is one of the leading organizations in bringing awareness about smoking. According to their data, 20 to 30 percent of low birth weight babies and 14 percent of preterm births are caused by smoking during the pregnancy (American). The ALA also relates smoking during pregnancy to cases of...

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