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-What I learned- Facts- Risks-Why they smoke-Names for nicotine-Signs of a smoker-Caner types from smoking-Symptoms of a smoker-Steps for quitting-End Fact-InterviewSmokingWhat I learned is that although many people in the world use some type of the drug Nicotine, more and more people die from it every day. The risks, hardships and diseases are overwhelming. Nowadays, teenagers are taking tremendous steps of action. One such group would be, one called Truth. These people advertise the risks and dangers of smoking all over. Mostly targeted at fellow teenagers. They spend thousands of dollars to use full-page advertising in magazines, newspapers, and on TV stations such as MTV and ABC."Smoking is the most preventable cause of disease and premature deaths in the world". "In the next14 hours 1,180 Americans will die from smoking". There are 4,000 chemicals and 200 poisons (that have been found by scientists so far) in a cigarettes or the smoke from it. Smoking is one of the most highly addictive drugs used by more than 20,000,000 people. It is also the most used drug by people in the United States. Out of the thousands of people who try smoking for the first time everyday under the age of 18, one third will become addicted. The law states to the public that smoking under the age of 18 is illegal, but the drug is not. 62,000,000 people (which is 29% of the population) are current smokes. The smoke that is absorbed into the blood stream starts to affect the brain in 7 seconds. The importance of knowing all of this information would be to hopefully give the knowledge to a smoker, understand the severity of smoking, and hope that they will attempt to quit.The risks of smoking can be deadly and painful. You may develop a smaller sense of smell and taste. You are likely to get colds and other sicknesses more often then people who don't smoke. You will cough constantly. You may develop ulcers. Increased heart rates and blood pressure are a certainty. Everyone, including men, will develop wrinkles at an earlier age. Women who smoke start aging quicker and start menopause earlier. Smoking is the largest cause of major cases of bronchitis and emphysema in the world. "Emphysema is often called lung rot".People smoke because they think smoking calms your nerves, but really smoking increases your stress levels. Nicotine stimulates the release of the hormone epinephrine, which stimulates the nervous system, which is what gives the kick people get out of a cigarette. The smoke gives off the hormone, which gives you a physiological stress, which is why it does not calm nerves it makes them worse. A smoker can become physically and psychologically dependent on the cigarette and its chemicals. Some psychological symptoms are: irritability, anxiety, sleeping disorder, nervousness, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and strange cravings.Other names and types for Nicotine may be described as: Cigars, snuff, pipe smoke, smokes, tobacco, chewing tobacco, or cigs. Cigar and pipe...

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913 words - 4 pages Association. Search Lung USA. " Teen Smoking Reduced Due To Not On Tobacco." February 2000. (11 March 2005).Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. "Cigarette Use Among High School Students- United States, 1991-2003" Journal of American Medical Association,4 August 2004,vol.292:pg.558 (20 March2005).CDC. "Tobacco Use and the health of Young people." United States, May 2004. Medline.Health and Age. A.D.A.M. Inc., Well-Connected Series, 1 October 2003. "Smoking". (11 March 2005).Witmer, Denise. (2005). "Parenting of Adolescents: Preventing Tobacco Use and Addiction Among Young People". ( 20 March 2005).

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1781 words - 7 pages report by the Surgeon General which linked smoking tobacco to lung cancer. ("Smoking: Habit Persists”) The negative effects of smoking are devastating. In the United States of America alone “there are…approximately 440,000 smoking-related deaths per year…and not all of these victims are smokers” (“Topic Overview: Smoking”); combine this with the fact that smoking is linked to the deaths of one million people each year in China and it’s quite

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1693 words - 7 pages . H. 2005. Smoking and health: new research. New York: Nova Biomedical Books. Sloan, F. A. 2004. The price of smoking. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. Slovic, P. 2001. Smoking: risk, perception & policy. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications. WHO. 2007.The European Tobacco Control Report: 2007. Denmark: WHO regional office Europe