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Smoking: Something That Shouldn't Be Legal In Restaurants And Bars

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On June 1st 2005, the air became fresher than ever in Swedish restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Many countries, just like Sweden, make attempts to fight tobacco usage by banning smoking in public areas such as restaurants, bars, and even outdoors.Ever since I started going out to clubs and restaurants, I've been getting used to coming home late at night smelling like an ashtray, even when I haven't even been smoking! I am tired of that. Even though there might have been no-smoking areas, these areas don't keep the smoke away. I hope that, with a ban, less people will have to experience this in the future. Smokers put themselves at risk, but why should people who don't smoke have to ...view middle of the document...

The American Lung Association of Washington (2006) claims that "second-hand smoke is the most dangerous air pollutant most Americans will ever encounter" (para. 1). In 2004, Professor Luke Clancy, a respiratory physician at St James's Hospital in Dublin, reported that "Second-hand smoke causes heart attacks, stroke and lung cancer, and exacerbates asthma. It is also the third most important preventable cause of heart disease." (para. 2). We need to face the facts here people, this is not something we want our families, friends or loved ones to have to encounter.The smoking ban is widely discussed, especially after Ireland introduced it. According to WHO (2004), "Ireland became the first country in Europe to prohibit smoking in the workplace on 29 March, 2004" (p. 391). Shortly after Ireland enforced a ban, many countries followed in their footsteps. A smoking ban can look very different; some countries have a total ban on smoking, and some ban smoking indoors. For example, According to Smoke Free World, in Vermont it's legal to smoke in a bar, but not in a restaurant. In California it's forbidden to smoke in "restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and clubs with exceptions for casinos and cigar bars". In South Dakota, it's illegal to smoke in bars (as cited in njbiz, 2005, p. 7). The list goes on, but what can be said from this is that the variations on smoking bans are many and some are more extreme than others.In the United States, California was the first state to ban smoking in public places; California still is a state that is in the front of the development and expanding of the ban. In 1998, researcher Dr. Lisa Bero at the University of California noted that "In 1995 California. . . prohibiting smoking in enclosed workplaces, took effect. In 1998 the smoking ban was extended to bars" (para. 7). Just recently, Journalist Shearon Roberts (2006) wrote that in the US, "Thirty-one states ban smoking indoors at work places, and 12 prohibit smoking in public places, including restaurants, bars, clubs and some casinos"(para. 11). WHO (2006b) showed, in a recent newsletter, how many countries are involved in fighting tobacco use in one way or another. Recently, 110 countries gathered in Switzerland to discuss this further. The countries who were at this convention signed a treaty (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), which legally binds the countries to have to improve the situation of their tobacco laws. Ireland, Norway and Spain are countries that have come a long way by banning "smoking in indoor public places" (p. 1).There has been much discussion about banning smoking in workplaces, restaurants, bars and so on. A restaurant or a bar is just what that is for many people, a workplace. The employees who have to breathe smoke throughout their workday are probably aware of the many health risks it brings. Whether people are in favor of a ban or against it, most people have an opinion. This is probably because we all feel that we are affected,...

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