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Smoking Starts Early Essay

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Teens smoke and experience with tobacco everyday. Every year the death rate from smoking increases, and people have health issues. Teens are always experimenting with tobacco, and it is hard to prevent it. Most adults who regularly smoke started at a young age, and have health problems. Young smoking can create health problems in the future, like lung cancer. Peer pressure happens all the time and it is a big factor when it comes to smoking. When teens smoke, teens say it helps with stress etc, but the effects of it lasts a lifetime.Teen stress and parental influence, and peer pressure can cause teens to smoke.
Teens feel smoking gives them freedoms and makes them feel older. Most adults started as teens. Most teenagers smoke to give them a sense of freedom and adulthood and most teenagers feel that smoking makes them look cool (O’Loughlin, “Peer…” 1 ). Many teens that smoke to feel cool and to have that freedom.Teens who start to smoke in their early years are more likely to get illnesses and lung problems as teens grow older (O’Loughlin, “Peer…” 1). Smoking is being experimented among teens.
Starting smoking early can have lifelong effects, parents can have a major influence from teens and smoking habits. When kids see their parents smoking at a young age children can pick up on the smoking habit and are more likely to smoke (“Why...” 2). Teens can be influenced by their favorite actors and musicians (“Why”...2). Teens get curious with tobacco and start early. Teens pick up on the smoking habit from watching their parents smoke or somebody the teens know.
Sometimes its still hard to prevent tobacco use from teens ever when their parents have good foundations (Dawshen 2).Parents can have the best support and try to keep their children away from cigarettes, but it can still happen.Teen smoking starts with adult influence and curious experiments. Teens smoke to handle stress and fall under pressure.Teenagers tend to smoke because they say it is a stress reliever and teens with anxiety look to smoking for calming matters (O’Loughlin, “Peer…” 2).
Teens smoke to handle stress.Girls are more likely to fall under pressure for smoking when teens see their friends smoke (Dawshen 3).Pressure to fit in and to be cool can start smoking habits. Parents should monitor who their children hang out with. Parents should watch for their parents and give them support. Peer pressure has a lot to do with teens and smoking.Teens smoke to feel rebellious. Teens also smoke when they feel or become rebellious and want to try something new (Dawshen 3).
Teens go through their rebel stage and start smoking. Not all teens that smoke become regular smokers, kids might try it one time. Teens are always experimenting with tobacco (Dawshen 3). When teens rebel teens try new things such as tobacco, teens also fall under pressure and rebel with smoking habits. Adults who regularly...

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