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An article in Psychology and Health states that “Cigarette smoking is a major public health problem”. “By 2030, it is projected that 10 million deaths annually will be attributable to smoking-related diseases” (Balmford), Smoking kills more people in the United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom, than cocaine, heroin, alcohol, AIDS, fires, murder, suicides, and road accidents combined. In South Africa tobacco-related diseases kill approximately 25,000 people each year (No ifs ands or Butts). I saw a commercial this weekend that stated 1 and 5 people now die from smoking related diseases in the United States; however smoking is down as many people are giving up the habit.
There are many ways and methods to quit; some of the most common are: Electronic Cigarettes, Nasal Spray- Inhalers, Patches, and Gums. However, there are more physical and emotional side effects when stopping smoking with cold turkey methods like Chantix, or Patches as well as others. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms but here are some of the most common; heartburn, gas, constipation or diarrhea, and nausea. In most cases a person who tries to quit will fail their first time; however, should they try again within a year they will have a better chance of succeeding. This last statement is taken from my own experience, as well as talking to other people who have quit however there is no scientific proof of to support it. After 24 hours your blood pressure and pulse rate will decrease significantly. After 2-12 weeks smoke free lung functions and circulation in the arms and legs improves greatly. After being smoke free for one year the risk of having Coronary heart disease is half that of someone who smokes. After 10 years risk of getting lung cancer is half that of someone who smokes.
According to an article posted in Disease Management & Health Outcome “Tobacco use will kill as many a 1 billion people in the 21st century unless it’s curtailed soon” (Huber).
In an article titled “Different Way’s to Quit” sub-titled ”Benefits of Quitting” It stated within two hours of quitting all of the nicotine is out of the blood system; however, it may take up to two days for nicotine by-products to leave the body. Within 12-24 hours carbon monoxide is eliminated and lung efficiency is improved, within days you will be able to smell, and breathe better, you will have whiter teeth and your sense of taste will come back. (“No Ifs ands or Butts”)
People may think that everything will start getting better immediately after they stop smoking? This is NOT! The case. It will eventually get better; but, it takes time so hang in there. You may develop skin blemishes, or hives the reason for these is because your body is getting rid of the toxins from smoking, they should be gone within a week but may take up to a month to disappear completely.
Research also shows that quitting smoking restores memory to nearly the same levels as someone who has never smoked according to Investor’s...

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