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Smooth Criminal Essay

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The world was made with humans, humans as created by God are flawed and make decisions that may not be the best for that and/or another individual(s). One of the mistakes that humans make is crime on others. Some crime is more dangerous than others. Many authors have a theme of some type of crime because of how heavily it is impacting our society and people living in it. F. Scott Fitzgerald beautifully illustrates organized crime during the 1920s, in his novel The Great Gatsby and how it was a key influential factor during the Jazz Age.
When looking at Jay Gatsby in the book it is never clear to us exactly what he is doing, or what is going on. If Gatsby is involved in some type of ...view middle of the document...

When Gatsby gets urgent phone calls from "Chicago" we can only assume that those are his associates in his bootlegging career. Many people also assume this about Gatsby including Tom, when talking to Nick he points this out saying, "Who is this Gatsby anyhow?...Some big bootlegger?...I didn't hear it. I imagined it" (Fitzgerald 114). This proves that it was common at the time and those who inquired money quickly were thought to be in contact with organized crime.
After figuring out what exactly Organized Crime is and identifying an Organized Criminal group we have to decide what exactly an Organized Crime includes. Just because it was shown to us that Gatsby was involved in bootlegging and/or some other type of illegal business does not necessarily mean that it was qualify as "organized crime". The U.S. Department of Justice says that people apart of Organized Crime want to have: power, influence, and monetary/commercial gains. This is what most people want but what makes them different is that these people usually go through with this by illegal means, and protecting their plans with violence. They want to gain influence in government, politics, commerce or all of the above. Having a economic gain is the primary goal of the Organized Crime, although it is not just illegal often times members make investments in ligament businesses ( "Organized Crime Groups"). How members of Organized Crime go about this depends from group to group, some of the most common forms are: drugs, firearms, and people ("Organized Crime"). Also, according to the article, Organized Crime and Prohibition, at the time of the 1920's bootlegging was the biggest form of Organized Crime ("Organized Crime and Prohibition"). This was Gatsby and his "friends" at the time. Members of Organized Crime have seen what the people in society want and adapt to that, for example, alcohol is now legal in the United States of America so there is not any bootlegging but many people have found out about how some drugs can make a person "feel good" and crave that so drugs is one of the most common forms of Organized Crime today. During the 1920's alcohol was what made everyone "feel good". Many people were to blame for providing the alcohol to the people, which includes Gatsby. Gatsby did make a great deal of money off of this deal and helped him rise up to the top to try to get Daisy by the end.
During this time Gatsby and his friends did not get caught. We know nothing about any of them getting into trouble for it. Yet, they still made their mark on the world, back then and even today. We know that Organized Crime has defiantly made an enormous impact all over the world, and not for the better. Yet, during the event no one truly knows how bad the situation is. Today, we can go, look back at the past and understand how bad it was. During the 1920's: police funding increased 11.4 million dollars, theft and burglaries went up 9%, homicides, assaults and battery 13%, arrests for people who were...

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