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Sms A Marketing Opportunity Essay

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Marketing OpportunityCool idea of innovating SMS: Do you want to have ORVASMS today?SMS, or text messaging, is a feature available in most modern digital phones. Users send and receive short text messages (approximately 160 characters) from one mobile phone to another. The receiver sees the message displayed on the phone. The text message can be delivered whether or not the phone is engaged in a call. The message is automatically saved, and can be read at any time (Kornblum, J. 2004). The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM, 2004) reported that in May 2003 alone, 30 Billion SMS messages were sent and there is a projection of over 150 Billion SMS messages per month for the next three years! Voice calls and short messaging services (SMS) continue to be very popular Usage of SMS to send greetings, invitations, love notes and all other kinds of messages is now widespread (GSM, 2004). Therefore, SMS text messages are now an important part of the lives of millions of people around the world for connecting to each other.However, there is still a significant number of people who feel that SMS is extremely annoying because the user has to press those minuscule buttons many times just to make a very short message. Also, users do not feel SMS is a very efficient communication tool, because he/she has to press four times every time that they want to use the letter S, for example. Moreover, some users believe that SMS makes them look stupid because they have to spend 3 ~5 minutes to make a simple message such as 'hello!' or 'How are you?' Not only is it a waste of time to make it, but SMS is also inefficient for catching the exact meaning, one event between sender and receiver may send 3 or 5, even more messages to make it clear. For those people, they become technology-fearing naysayers of SMS. Is there any way that mobile operators can develop the SMS in a way that will be more attractive to that particular market? Here, a marketing opportunity is emerging for those people who, out of these technological weaknesses, have not embraced the use of SMS (Something about mobile phone, 2004).There is a great opportunity that the mobile operators should truly try to show innovation and versatility in the delivery of SMS services instead of hastily resorting to slashing prices. One such innovation that could prove to be strong way of increased market acquisition would be where the direct input of voice to SMS via speech recognition software into the mobile phone. This could become known as VASMS (Voice Activated SMS) or for more seductive marketing; it could be promoted as ORVASMS (Oral Recognition Voice Activated SMS) as a word play on orgasms. "Do you want to have ORVASMS today?", "Have you had ORVASMS today? Using speech recognition would be far more efficient and convenient than the conventional pressing of the tiny keys.The theory is based on product or service innovation. According to Solomon (2004, Chap 17), an innovation is any product or service...

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