Snake Charmer: A Life And Death In Pursuit Of Knowledge.

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Everyone has an achievement, an end goal, they wish to accomplish during their lifetime. The fortunate have found their passion and will pursue it as long as they live. For some, the passion which they wish to pursue is a risky one, full of danger and chance. However terrifying it may be to the general population, these dare-devils charge their goals anyway, risking life and limb to accomplish their dreams. This begs the question at hand, is a risky life passion worth pursuing if death seems probable? The answer is, without the slightest hesitation, yes. Take, for instance, the 42 year old by the name of Bruce Eric Matthews. Bruce had an obsession with kiteboarding, an extreme sport that involves a kite towing the surfer. He recently died because of excessive wind gusts on the day of a tournament. (Leiker 1). However unfortunate it may be, Eric died doing what he loved. For him, a life without kiteboarding was not worth living.
While anyone can have a dangerous life passion, the ones that excel at theirs are often naturally gifted. The gifted ones often do not know they have a specific talent until interaction stimulates their interest. In the book Snake Charmer: a life and death in pursuit of happiness, the protagonist of the novel, Joe Slowinski, is motivated to pursue herpetology only when it offers a challenge to his life. “Yet when that prairie rattlesnake, roused from its cool slumber under a rock, flew at Joe and sank its fangs into his flesh; releasing a debilitating dose he experienced the most exhilarating, viceroy challenge to his life so far,” (James 45). “Ordinary people develop a fearful aversion to snakes after such an encounter, but there was nothing ordinary about Joe’s attraction to reptiles,” (James 52) Joe Slowinski loved a challenge, and gravitated toward serpents, but only when he was challenged with death did he truly become interested in herpetology. Look upon the divers off the coast of San Diego, who have repeatedly been attacked by the 1.5 meter Humboldt squid. The attacks have left a bad taste in some divers’ mouths, pushing them from the water for good. The true veterans are the ones that stay and fight the squid for their right to dive. These divers remain even if it means death. (Evenings Standard Deep sea 17). Their burning passion cannot be extinguished by the water...

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