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Snap Judgments: A Look Into The Subconscious Mind

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The brain is one of the most complex as well as one of the most vital organs of the human body. It's utter perplexity still causes the most astound thinkers to step back and contemplate the way it works. Every second the brain processes four-hundred billion bits of information, while only two-thousand of those bits people become aware of. One can also observe that with so much information to process, there is a plethora of information in the world that can be obtained than what is actually being perceived. Unknowingly, people criticize others and make judgments without even being aware of their perception. Although it is said that one can acquire the skills to make judgments that are unbiased and are constructed of a wide range or base of background knowledge, one simply does not have the time to think about thinking. People instinctively judge others constantly by their mere appearance despite the fact that it is considered immoral. It is so common that one does not even realize when they are doing it. In the grocery store, at work, at school; No matter where one may be, they are making snap judgments. The irony and truth of the matter is that a majority of the time, those subconscious decisions or judgments that one makes and are unbeknownst to them are strangely correct. (Hirshon)
People often underestimate how accurate their subconscious thoughts really are. How can one “think”, without actually thinking? An assistant psychologist at Princeton University, Alex Todorov, answers this question. Todrov agrees that as time passes and one becomes more acquainted with people, one would begin to make a more informed opinion about another that is most likely different than what their fist initial impression would have been, however, after conducting a series of five experiments, Todrov concluded that judgments made during a time constraint of 100 milliseconds correlated highly with those that were made in the absence of time. When he increased the time constraint to 500 milliseconds, he found that the impressions became more negative towards the subject being judged and therefore misconstruing their first initial impression, which was most likely correct. (Boutin) Although one would like to think that judging a person solely based upon their appearance is amiss, the fact is that one's mind is his or her own destruction. The more one thinks about how a person may really be, the more one starts to consider all of the possibilities and the more distant their thoughts become from their initial reaction. One's consciousness picks up on pessimism and facts about the real world, most likely causing our well-thought out process of thinking to become more negative. In a sense, one's conscious-thinking actually becomes their own curse, causing the amount of factual based information to override the automatic thought.
Despite research and tests conducted, many have doubted that one's subconscious thinking is substantially more accurate than one's...

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