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Snapple Back Essay

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This case will describe how Snapple began as a huge success, peaked then dwindled down again. Our discussion will focus on 3 main stages in Snapple's life, which will include the marketing mix that made Snapple a success, the acquisition by Quaker and the subsequent failure and its underlying reasons, and finally, Snapple under Triarc's and the attempts to turn around Snapple.The Rise of Snapple"We made the first ready-to-drink tea that didn't taste like battery acid." - Arnold Greenberg, co-founder of the Snapple Beverage Corporation.At a time when many new-comer brands were competing for the dollars of the young health conscious consumers, Snapple was among the few who survived, and among even the fewest who stood up. From the humble starts of its three entrepreneur founders to its sell to Quaker for a staggering 1.7 billion dollars, Snapple's success was no fluke, but the result of being a mixture of the right stuff.The product was right on the spot, the three founders noticed the popularity of natural and no-preservative juices Greenberg's family store and jumped on the opportunity, thus Snapple was born. Snapple now one off many small beverage brands had a bit extra, it didn't only connect to the customers apparent wants for a "100 natural" drink but it related to a deeper antiestablishment emotion that grew to be associated with Snapple and that as we later discuss contributed to its fall.Snapple stood out from the rest by virtue of an endearing artlessness. The labels on its bottles were cluttered and amateurish, and its ads seemed, if possible, even more homemade, but on the other hand the brand emphasized a wholesome image "Made from the best stuff on earth". So what is Snapple? It might be hard to define Snapple by what it is, but rather we can best define it by what it is not. Snapple is healthy, not like colas, but not to healthy to the point of Broccoli and water. Its fun, informal, personal natural and healthy. It has so much variety to choose from which is a bonus in a multicultural society. Just the right sized bottle, not to big, not to small, the taste not to sweet but also not stale the texture is neither thick nor watery, a kind of Goldilocks properties that made Snapple mean many things to many people.Snapple then was a great product that appealed to the customers, premium pricing of Snapple's beverages were accepted because higher quality goes along with higher pricing, it is also an indication of self worth "I am worth it" after all if you were offered a 5 dollars bottle of perfume, not even the best sales man would convince you it is high quality. Premium pricing also helped to cover for some products that were a failure.Another mainstay to Snapple's success was in an aggressive distribution and employee loyalty strategy, bolstered by a health and fitness craze prevalent at the time. Snapple had an extensive and dependable network of independent co-packers and distributors to prepare, bottle, warehouse, and sell its...

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