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Snow In A Spring's Day Chapter 1

1626 words - 7 pages

One summer morning, Niou woke up from his slumber, only to find out that he only had 5 minutes to go before morning practice started. Without eating his breakfast, he ran off to school, wearing a rather wrinkled uniform (which was the uniform he wore yesterday) and without even bothering to fix his tie.
It was 7:05 when he reached school.
It meant trouble.
He sneaked into the courts, careful not to get caught by Yukimura or Sanada. He was near the club room when Yukimura saw him and, thank the gods, wasn’t pissed, as he calmly directed Niou to change into his jersey without further ado. However, after changing, he had to deal with his beloved Sanada-fukubuchou’s wrath, meaning he had ...view middle of the document...

"So hot," he whined.
"Okay, that's the end of morning practice. Everyone is dismissed!" Yukimura commanded.
The regulars headed to the shower room to take a quick shower. After changing into their school uniform, they went to their respective classes.
As soon as classes ended, Niou went straight to their club room, not wanting to be late and to run laps under the blazing heat of the sun again.
He reached the locker rooms and found some of his team mates there, chatting mindlessly while changing clothes.
"Hi," he greeted.
Yukimura, who was in a conversation with Sanada, looked towards Niou’s direction and greeted, "Hello, Niou-kun.” Then he asked, “No detention today?"
"Nope. I was–"
"'A good boy today' is what you're about to say, right?" Yanagi, who appeared out of nowhere, continued.
“Seriously, Yanagi, you're creeping me out."
“That's good,” Yukimura said, nodding approvingly. “Keep that up."
“Niou, a good boy? Is it the end of the world already?" Marui teased, trying to hold back his laughter.
“Shut it, twit,” Niou warned, glaring at Marui.
“How scary,” Marui mocked.
Not wanting to soil his good impression, Niou decided to ignore the redhead and proceeded to his locker to change his clothes.
He put down his bag. He was about to change his clothes when his phone rang. He flipped his phone to see the name of the caller.
"Oh great," he thought. "Why now?"
His hands shook a bit as he lifted the phone near his ears and braced himself for the worst.
"Oh, Masaharu, may I speak with your captain?"
Niou sighed. He handed his cellphone to Yukimura and said, "My mom wants to talk to you."
"Me?" Yukimura asked and pointed himself.
Niou nodded at this.
Yukimura's lips formed a 'o'. He then spoke, "Hello, Niou-san. What is it that you want?"
"Ah, Yukimura-kun, I need Masaharu to do an errand for me. So, if you may excuse him..." she pleaded.
Yukimura smiled. "Sure, Niou-san. It's fine."
"Is that so? You have my greatest thanks," Niou-san said cheerfully.
"It's nothing," he replied. Yukimura handed the cellphone to Niou and told him, "You are excused for now. Go and do the errand your mom wishes you to do."
"What!” Niou exclaimed. “Why, Yukimura? Why?”
He almost kissed Yukimura's shoes. Literally.
Yukimura bent over the begging Niou, ruffled his hair and smiled. "Now, now, Niou-kun. Be a good boy and do what your mom asks you."
"No! Please don’t let me go, Yukimura,” he begged. “I won’t prank people for a month, I will run a thousand laps, I’ll be your slave—anything, I’ll do anything. Please.”
“Your offer sounds tempting…”
Niou’s eyes shone with hope.
“…but unfortunately, no,” Yukimura said.
The stars in Niou’s eyes died. He pleaded Yukimura one more time, but his captain didn’t give in.
"Go now, Niou Masaharu," Yukimura said with his voice of doom. Niou shivered. Not wanting to mess with Yukimura, he picked up his bag...

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