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Unica Unica otherwise know as the Snow Leopard is an endangered wild species. There are between three thousand five hundred and seven thousand left in the wild, but is not always accurate because of their harsh environments. Across the world there are about six hundred Snow Leopards that lives in zoos. The Snow Leopard lives out most of its life in the high mountains of Central and South Asia. They are actively the most during the night. However while these animals live in harsh environments they are extremely well adapted to them. However, despite the remote area of there habitat’s snow leopards are often poached for their beautiful coat. More Snow Leopards are poached than they are ...view middle of the document...

Snow Leopard tails are long and flexible. (Around a foot long) They use their tails to help them to maintain their balance, which is important in the rocky terrain they inhabit. Their tails are also very thick because of the storage of fat in them. Also their tail is thickly covered with fur, which they use as a blanket to protect their faces as they sleep. The snow leopard will generally weigh between 27 and 55 kg (60 and 121 lbs.), occasional large male reaching will 75 kg (165 lbs.) and small female of less than 25 kg (55 lbs.). (Kewa, National)
The Snow Leopard will eat many things, but will primarily hunt wild sheep and goat. These powerful animals can kill around three times their weight, and they can also eat smaller animals like rodents’ hares and game birds. There are three very important prey species that the Snow Leopards eat like the blue sheep, or bharal the Asiatic ibex a large wild goat, and the argali, another wild sheep species. Snow leopards will eat their kill’s very slowly over three to four day span. The snow leopard during the three to four days will stay around the kill to defend the meal from other scavengers until the carcass is bare. But they will hunt a large animal every eight to ten days and repeat the same steps to protect the carcass. If wild prey is not available for them to eat, they will hunt for domestic animals to eat. During the winter seasons the Snow Leopards will follow their prey lower down the mountains, during the summer Snow Leopards along with their prey will travel back up the mountains. Snow leopards also eat lots of grass and vegetation, possibly for an aid in digestion or for extra vitamins maybe even to get rid of parasites but scientists aren’t sure. A Snow Leopard will attack, ambush, stalk, and jump off cliff/ledge to catch its prey. They will often stalk their prey from twenty to fifty ft. back. The Snow Leopard will hunt during the night because they are nocturnal. (Snow Leopard, National)
Snow Leopards are the victims of over hunting by the natives that live around the high Central Asian mountains. They are hunted for their bones, skin and organs. The organs of large cats are used in traditional Asian& Chinese medicine. When a poacher hunts a snow leopard and kills it they can earn almost the same amount of money that the people earn a year in one kill, this is a possibility why the Snow Leopards are at such a great risk of extinction. The pelts and skeletons of the Snow Leopards have become extremely high priced because of how...

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