Snow On Arizona Snow Bowl Essay

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Snow on Arizona SnowBowl

Why would anyone propose to use millions of gallons of water a day to desecrate sacred Indian land, in a State that is going through a drought? Well, the Arizona SnowBowl has proposed to do just that; make artificial snow on their ski resort. The proposal is for their own economical benefit with no respect for the holy San Francisco Peaks, where the Ski resort is located.

The San Francisco Peaks are located in Northern Arizona, seven miles outside of Flagstaff. The weather on these peaks is not very consistent. Some winters there’s excess of snow for skiing, then there are years like the 2001- 2002 ski season where there were only four inches of snow the whole winter. This makes for very unstable ski seasons, which in turn hurts Arizona SnowBowl’s and Flagstaff’s economy. As a solution the Arizona SnowBowl wants to put snow machines on the mountain to create their own snow. The problem with this addition is that artificial snow would impact the mountain in several ways.

Whether or not the Arizona SnowBowl should be allowed to put snow machines on the mountain has raised great controversy across the southwest. There are people, such as skiers and businessmen for the additions, and those opposed, such as Native American Tribes and environmentalists who want to keep the mountains as pristine as possible. The people opposed to the addition have many great reasons that support their opinion, such as all the negative environmental effects. Also, the desecration of holy land to the Native Americans is irreversible. If the addition is made then the mountains are forever changed.

“Many of these tribes hold true that if this Holy Mountain is disturbed, than so to the fabric of their culture, their spirituality and their livelihood will be disturbed” (SnowBowl Expansion, p.1). The San Francisco Peaks are a sacred place to thirteen tribes in Northern Arizona. The tribes go up to the mountain for religious beliefs and prayers. Specifically, the tribes pray to the rain gods. If snow machines are put on the mountain, that would defeat the purpose in praying for rain. The holiness of the peaks would be lost for the Native Americans, knowing that their prayers are disrespected by the Arizona SnowBowl.

The habitat and ecosystem of the San Francisco Peaks is rare. The Mountains are located in the middle of the desert. The vegetation on the mountain is uncommon. The addition of snow machines and remodeling of ski runs would greatly change the terrain of the mountain. In order to put new ski runs and snow machines on the mountain many impacting preliminary events must happen first. One major event would be the...

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