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People say that snowboarding is too dangerous and to hard of a sport. Snowboarding has been a big part of my life since I was in the 7th grade. My friends and I try to go up to Shasta to snowboard at least once a week. I have done all types of slopes at six different resorts, so I know by now snowboarding is a very intense and scary sport. This was definitely the hardest sport I have ever learned. Some sports such as basketball are very easy to learn and pick up on, all you have to do is get a ball and step out on a court. Snowboarding is not like that at all. It requires extreme balance and control. My first experience was the most miserable day of my life; I almost gave up and switched back to skiing. I did not know how to stop so I fell all over the place and cut everyone off. After 7 years of experience I only want to do the super advanced slopes with jumps and moguls in them. When I was in 9th grade, I hit a jump and went 5 feet in the air. I crashed into the ground and almost broke my left wrist. Another personal experience I have from this sport is that I worked at Shasta Ski Resort as a snowboard technician last year. That is a person who sets snowboard bindings to fit the person and make sure they fit and to get them the right size board. You cannot give a four foot tall child a snowboard that towers over his head. He will go so fast down the mountain and seriously hurt themselves. Some nights that there were not many people, our bosses would be like who wants to hit the slopes for an hour. This was a big advantage to doing this job. Also, now when people are having problems with their snowboards on the mountain I can usually tell them what is wrong or fix it. I interviewed Brandon Guthrie a snowboard instructor from Shasta Ski Resort. He said "I get people who want to learn to snowboard really bad come up here every day during the winter, and most give up on their first run down the bunny slope." He said in order to get this sport down you need patience. Brandon said that when he discusses snowboarding to the people before they go up to the mountain he tells them how dangerous it can be, and how hard and frustrating it can be. The funniest thing he said that he saw when he was working was a girl who acted all cocky about it and half way down the bunny slope she screamed "I give up," took off her board and walked down the entire slope. This just proves how frustrating it can be. One of his scarier moments when he was teaching snowboarding lessons was when conditions were extremely icy, and a guy crashed into a tree and had to go the hospital. (Guthrie) This does prove that snowboarding is a very dangerous sport. For the most part that is why people say they don't do it. If you think hard about what sport is not dangerous? In baseball you can get in the head by a 90 mile an hour fast ball, in football if you get hit right you could die! When you are snowboarding at least you know you are in control. You cannot...

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