Edward Snowden: Hero Or Traitor? Essay

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Threats are posed to America everyday. But is it really a threat when the large civilian population doesn’t know about it? Think of it like keeping a bunch of lab rats in a dark box. In the box one provides them with food, shelter, warmth, and protection. When one day, rather suddenly these lab rats are thrown out into the open. Exposed to the elements and dangers of living in the wild, they go into a panic, resulting in a mass hysteria. Would it have been better to leave the mice in the dark, where they were safe and protected? Or do they have a right to know what was going on outside in the world? In this analogy America is represented by the mice, we live happily in the dark, going about our daily lives in blissful ignorance. So when suddenly this scary new world of threats and of knowledge appears to us we do not know how to react. We cannot scuttle back to the black unknown that we lived in before. We are given the choice, accept the new changes and go along with the common stream of thought siding with all that is familiar. Clinging to our government as a scared child hiding behind its’ mothers skirts. Or do we side with the rebel, who brought forth the knowledge to us and offers us the forbidden fruit? But if we follow the new knowledge, does it cause a bigger problem among the people? This potentially results in dividing the people into sides and causing a rift in the delicate trust that the people have built with the government. The immediate hysteria caused by Snowden among the civilian population has mostly dispersed but has lead to questions like “What else are they not telling us?” or “Can a government corrupt enough to spy on its own people be worthy of our trust?” and “Will they stop here? Or is more yet to come?” Even people with in the government desire the share of information among the common people. NSA Director General Keith Alexander wants to promote information sharing, and now is the perfect opportunity. General Alexander stated “At the end of the day it's about people and trust”. (Hudson, 3)
Big brother is always watching. Now we know, to some degree, that that funny little statement is true. Big Brother, the Government, the National Security Agency are all one and the same when considering the files Snowden leaked. PRISM allows the big brother threat to exist among the common world. Snowden revealing this has confirmed the fears of hundreds of Americans revealing this. Yet, there are thousands others who cry out for him to be arrested and thrown into jail, ‘“What Mr. [Edward] Snowden did is treason, was high crimes, and there is nothing in what say that justifies what he did,” said Richard Clarke, a former White house counter-terrorism adviser and current ABC news consultant. “I don’t think anything that I’ve learned justifies the treasonous acts of Mr. Snowden.”’ (ABC news, 3) Clarke of course represents only one of this mans actions. Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul offers another side of the argument...

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