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Snurfle Island And The Lost Black Beans College Essay

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Name: ____________________________________ Date: __________________
Snurfle Island
Background Button:
What is evolution? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What are some key facts about Natural Selection? Be sure to include the terms: Natural Selection, Offspring, Population, Adaptations, Limited Resources, Survival, Reproduce & Genetic Changes.
Play the Game Button:
What is the goal of the game?
The Snurfle Islands:
Fruity Paradise: Lots of fruit and no predators!
Aqua Caves: An underwater playground, or a death trap, depending on your adaptations.
Diverse Isle: Several challenges await your on diverse isle!
Frosty Island: It’s cold here! If you can’t stay warm, you won’t survive and reproduce!
Lava Caves: Beware falling rocks, lava flows, and food scarcity in the lava caves!
Desert Island: It’s hot and dry here on Desert Island! Also, food is SCARCE (limited)! Watch out for predators, too!
Aerial Islands: Floating fruit abounds on these small islands, but can you get to it before the completion?
Predator Isle: Predators lurk everywhere on this island! Pick adaptations to help you survive!
The Vortex: This mysterious vortex will transport you to one of the other islands. Will your Snurfle be adapted enough to survive? Since natural selection organisms CAN”T choose their traits to match the environment, this level simulates natural selection most realistically!
Lightning Feet
Allows you to move faster by foot.
Warm Fur Coat
Helps you stay warm in cold environments.
Butterfly Wings
Allows for slow flight.
Dragon Wings
Allows for fast flight.
Allows for underwater breathing.
Duck Feet
Allows for faster swimming, but make climbing impossible
Allows you to blend in with your environment and avoid predators when you stand still.
Fire Breath
Breathe fire to defend yourself from predators by pressing the fire button
Hang Time
Stronger legs for extra jumping power! Hold down the jump...

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