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How Does Beatles Music Alter Heart Rate?

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Humans have played music since at least 35,000 years ago (Nicholas J. Conard, June 25, 2009). Since then music has evolved in many genres and has become a huge part of every culture. It is often called the Universal language because music can convey information like a feeling, an attitude or a mood (Chris Dobrian, 1992). It affects people in a way deeper than regular speech. Regular speech does not make people feel any particular emotion if they cannot understand what one is saying (Mark Changazi, September 15, 2009). Music causes something different to happen.
When people hear music a spiral sheet in their inner ear is plucked like a guitar string. It triggers the auditory cortex of the brain, located just above the ears. Different patterns of firing cells that go off at first trigger other groups of cells that identify different music with emotions, ideas and past experiences. (Willian J. Cromie, November 13,1997). And a study in 2001 by Anne Blood and Robert Zattore showed that when people listened to pleasurable music it activated the limbic and paralimbic areas of the brain. Those are connected with “euphoric reward responses” that we experience during good food, sex or drugs (Phillip Ball, April 19, 2013).
Music now has been used to therapeutically for a number of diseases including Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and cerebral ischemia. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic found that music lessened chronic pain and rates of depression and scientists at National Taipei College of Nursing found that playing music in the background with dementia patients lowered aggression (Maria Konnikova, September 26, 2013). Music therapy has been used for people in correctional settings, on the autism spectrum, as a response to Crisis and Trauma and to help young children become more motivated and intelligent. (American Music Therapy Association, 2013). Music Education has shown to develop critical thinking skills, improve cognitive development and math and reading skills and increases graduation rates. (Why Save The Music Foundation, 2013).
Music has also been used to help people with heart problems to relax and feel less anxious. Studies showed that if people listen to music soon after going through surgery they had lower blood pressure and heart rates and less anxiety than those who were just in a silent room. Another study from Hong Kong showed that volunteers who listened to music that was relaxing twenty-five minutes a day their blood pressure went down. Similar to the one in Hong Kong, the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore studied different types of music and blood flow through the forearm. Blood flow increased when people listened to music that was happy or relaxing and decreased when the music caused anxiety. However not all trials of music and heart rate and blood pressure have been successful because people do have different associations with the same music (Harvard Health Publications, November 2009).
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