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How Does Browning Present The Relationship Between Men And Women In His Two Poems?

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Browning presents the relationship between men and women in the two poems in a number of ways. Such as mans power over women, women as possessions/belongings/treated like children, women in their traditional role, the death of the women, men as inhuman/ uncaring and how the male character feels about the death of his wife/lover. All of these points are shown and used by Robert Browning in the two poems, Porphiria’s Lover and My Last Duchess.In the poem Porphiria’s Lover presents the relationship between men and women as showing the men being in control. From lines thirty one to thirty three Browning wrote “Be sure I looked up at her eyes happy and proud; at least I knew Porphyria worshipped me;…” The word worshipped means to treat somebody or something as divine and show respect by engaging in acts of prayer and devotion, also meaning great excessive love, admiration, and respect felt for somebody or something. So in that line Browning shows us that the male is in control by writing the fact that Porphyria worships the man, as Porphyria gives herself to the man during her acts of seduction. (“Murmuring how she loved me”). The murmuring is a quite sexy thing to do, so this justifies the fact that she is seducing him.In the poem My Last Duchess, Browning presents the relationship between the men and women as showing the men being in control. From lines thirty nine to forty and on line forty three. Browning writes “…If she let her be lessoned so” , and a few lines after “Never to stoop”. This means, that if the Duchess allowed the Duke to teach her – everything will be ok. The other means that he shall never compromise. In the first quote, this is traditionally saying that men are cleverer than women. As during those times, men had a lot more power and rights than the women so education was more available to the men than the women. The second quote meaning that he would never compromise shows the power that he has over his wife. The way that Robert Browning crafts his verse always leaves the reader trying to find its purpose. Almost everything he writes about the relationship between men and women leaves the reader thinking why? Why the man is always the dominant role, why the man is always the one doing something about it? These questions are what make the poem so appealing to the audience. This is why Browning presents the relationship between men and women like he does in both poems.In the poem Porphiria’s Lover, Browning presents the women as possessions, belongings and even being treated like children. In line thirty six, Browning writes “That moment she was mine, mine fair,” The “she was mine” tells us that he is saying that Porphyria belongs to him and the repetition of mine fair shows the reader that he is really protective over her and that he doesn’t want anyone else to have her. “Fair” tells the reader that he won Porphyria fairly and...

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