How Does The Way In Which Time Is Structured In A Film Affect The Narrative. With References To High Noon, And Ned Kelly

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The way in which time is structured within a film determines how the audience perceive, and accept, the narrative of the film. The fictional film narratives Ned Kelly and High Noon, handle time completely differently from one another. Ned Kelly follows the life of notorious bushranger, Ned Kelly, from his first encounter with police when he was 16, through to his capture at Glen Rowan when he was 25. High Noon however is filmed in real time: one minute of film time is one minute of real time, similar to the television show "24". The story of the film High Noon spans a mere one and half hours. Ned Kelly, however, tells a story spanning nine years. This, of course, leads to us the audience, interpreting the films differently.The use of real time filming in High Noon gives the audience a heightened sense of suspense. Throughout the movie, the audience is aware that every passing minute is one real minute closer to noon, and when noon arrives, so does the train carrying Frank Miller, the notorious gunslinger.The use of clocks in High Noon is emphasizes the importance of time and also provides a running commentary for the viewer on how much time Kane has left. The secondary storylines, such as the break up of Kane's marriage to Amy, Harvey's resignation as deputy and Ellen's background with Miller, are supported by the use of real time editing. Kane's marriage occurred less than 2 hours before he heard the news of Frank's coming. In a very short time, Kane has abandoned his new wife to defend a town which doesn't really like, or want, him. This action shows Kane's callousness but also his morals of responsibly and obligation. Harvey's resignation, and ultimate abandonment of Kane in his time of need, is emphasized using real time because Harvey abandoned Kane an hour before Frank was due to arrive. This highlights not only the cowardice of Harvey, but also the loneliness Kane experienced. Ellen's background with Miller is not fully revealed, however the audience is aware of its severity due to real time editing. That Ellen was prepared to liquidate her business at half-price, and leave her home town within two hours of hearing of Miller's arrival, shows that she was devastated by her past relationship with Miller. Ellen and Amy both left town in the train that Miller arrived on, the noon train.It is interesting that after noon, the frequent cutting to clocks stops. The climax has been reached; noon has arrived with the train carrying Miller. The majority of the High Noon film, taking place prior to noon, is a build up to the arrival of Miller. As the minutes tick by, so the suspense and anticipation build. The action sequence after noon between Kane and the Miller gang, compensates for the loss of the suspense that is so critical before noon.In High Noon the audience is encouraged to relate to Kane and his feelings of abandonment and loneliness. Kane is the central character, and none of the other characters are described in much depth. Kane is...

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