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So Many Negatives Of Pestacides Essay

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Pesticides are such types of compounds which kill pests such as insects, fungi and unwanted plants such as weeds. They are used to kill mosquitoes which are used in public health, and in to kill pests that destroys crops in agriculture. Their nature is that these pesticides are quite poisonous to different species and humans also. They must be disposed of properly and quite safely.
Pesticides are the one of those poisonous substances that is spread into the environment to kill living beings intentionally. Substances included that kill weeds (herbicides), fungus (fungicides), insects (pesticides), rodents (rodenticides), and many others. to manage such specific pest problems these usage of poisonous pesticides has become common throughout the world. Pesticides are used everywhere like in parks, buildings, schools, forests, homes and roads as well as in agricultural fields. Pesticides can be used anywhere right from the can of bug spray which is used under the sinks normally in kitchens to the crops which are speeded in acres of farmlands therefore it is too difficult to find those areas where pesticides are not being used. Other than that pesticides can be found in the air we breathe in, the water we drink and the food we have.
• Organophosphate Pesticides
Such types of pesticides affect the nervous system badly by disrupting the enzyme that regulates acetylcholine, it’s basically a compound that occurs throughout the nervous system and in which it works and functions as a neurotransmitter. Many of the organophosphates are pesticides. They were introduced in the early 19th century, but their effects on insects similarly effecting on humans, were basically introduced in 1932. Some are very poisonous (they were used in World War II as nerve agents). However, they usually are not found in the environment.

• Carbamate
These pesticides are almost the same as organophosphate that affects the nervous system by disrupting an enzyme regulating acetylcholine as well as neurotransmitter. The effects of these pesticides are however reversible. There are several further categorized into subgroups within the carbonates.

• Organochlorine
These pesticides were used in the past, but presently they many have been eliminated from the market due to health and environmental effects (i.e DDT and chlordane).

• Pyrethroid
These pesticides which are found in chrysanthemums were made as a synthetic version of the occurrence of pesticide pyrethrum naturally. There have been modifications made to enhance their stability in the environment so that they could be balanced. Some synthetic pyrethroids are poisonous to the nervous system.

• Biopesticides
Biopesticides are such types of pesticides which are derived from such naturally materials like plants, bacteria, animals and certain minerals. For example, canola oil and baking soda have such types of pesticides which contain biopesticides., there were approximately 195 registered biopesticide at the end of 2001...

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