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So Much Fun. Essay

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I take another deep breath, as the stale, musty air fills my lungs I let out a quiet cough. I look around, "JAAASON, GEORGE!! YOU OK?" I look around for my friend, I think to myself,"We must have gotten seperated when the mine collapsed." I run to the pile of rubble where the exit used to be, "George? You over there" I put my ear to the rubble expecting to hear a reply, to my dismay all I hear is the dripping of water echoing through the mine. I start to walk back to the station,"Maybe I can find a radio." I head down the dark, narrow hallway to the station. I set my pack down on the ground and prop myself against the wall. Breathing heavily I start to look through my pack to find any usefull supplies, luckily I find my torch, I flip it on to check if its got any juice left. The light from the torch illiminates very little, but I guess its better than nothing. I set off for the station, torch in hand, as I near the station I can smell a strange odor, like rotting meat. I approach the station door, coughing and sputtering, as I enter I notice the power's off, "I guess it must have gotten shut off when the mine started collapsing." I search around for a radio, unfortunately the station seems to have been raided already,"Must have been George or Jason." As I head off back to the exit, I hear a bloodcurdling scream, followed by a loud metalic clanging. "WHO'S THERE! George is that you?" I head in the direction of the scream, farther and farther from the exit. The stench of rotting meat starts to become unbearable. I see a two figures in the darkness,"GEORGE, JASON, I'M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!" I run closer but I stop in my tracks as I see a strange figure behind Jason, "JASON, BEHIND YOU!!" he turns around frightened as a man in a strange mask reaches out to grab him. I saw him dragging Jason down the narrow passageway. Scared and fearing for my life I run back to the station. I hear more screams coming from where I left Jason, I start to pray for my safety, I doubt I'm safe here, then again, I doubt I'm safe anywhere. I stay there quietly for an hour or so, until I hear heavy footsteps coming near me. I start silently praying as I hear a soft knocking on the door, and a voice, a slow smooth voice,"Hello, anybody home." I hear him laughing manically as he knock the station door in, I crawl to the back of the room...

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506 words - 2 pages provides opportunities for Jewish youth to learn leadership skills and personal growth. I joined the order a little over a year ago and since then I have grown a great deal and have been able to be a part of some fun community service programs and have a lot of fun. Since I personally have grown so much through the order I have made a commitment to bring more kids to the program so they to can experience what I have. Over the past few months I have

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2370 words - 10 pages play at a manageable level. As written by Peter Kostis on in the making golf more fun segment “there is one main reason people are not playing much golf and that is because it is not as fun.” Yet, like every other sport, all it is, is just a game, and should be enjoyed like a game, not worked at like a career (unless of course you are a pro). One big way to make the game more fun, is to make up new rules. Don’t play by the old standby

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