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What Can Be Controlled In Todays Society

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  Today we look around and we do not even fathom all the hard work that have been put into little tiny details. For examples our cellphone, years ago we had to push an individual button for each number and letter if we wanted to put in a cellphone number or type out a text message. Today we have touch screen phones that we barely have to press anything at all. We can even tell our phones to type out messages and call people for us but we never focus on who thought to create that technology. Everything around us had once been an idea for a person and it has become reality but how do we know it was truly only their idea? What if they got the idea for a touch screen phone from overhearing people complain about pushing buttons on their phones. The only difference is that the person who created touch screens for phones had put the effort to create and introduce the technology into the world. This goes for everything from a music, to literature and so on. The real question is who is behind all of this and the answer is the government. The government should not be involved in the control and regulation of intellectual property anymore. The government creates too much stress on the people that everyone is expected to create and have original work when that is impossible in some situations. Also, it is impossible to be 100% fair to every single person when it comes to the ownership of a certain material because many people could have the same intellectual material due to similar experiences and education depending on the material.
  The government had set a standard on the control of intellectual property that has
caused more harm than could. Mathews states that a student from Georgia Tech had
contacted him about the injustices of the schools no helping policy for students. A student had discussed a homework assignment in order to improve his knowledge about a certain topic and a computer program, that is used to find similarities in students work, found similarities between his and another students work. His consequence was that he got a lower grade than he felt he had deserved in his classes. This student did nothing wrong and in my opinion did something more respectable than what Mathews said he could have done “ He could have punted the assignment... But he wanted to get ready for the final exam”(Mathews 210). The students did not give each other answers but instead they collaborated together to help each other figure out the best method to do a computer science assignment. It’s not like they were to share answers on exams word for word. Mathew says that he believes that students should be able to work on assignments to an extent together but when it comes to a exam they must work by themselves but they can use what they learned from other classmates to help them in the class. The reason why Georgia Tech did not let students collaborate on homework assignments was most likely because of pressure from the government and ti turned out to backfire...

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