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What is life about? Just living, or maybe giving or something else. At this point the question goes differently just as all of us are different. All of us see life differently and as well the goals are different. Though there is something in common we all have. We all want to be happy in this world. Some people believe that love gives happiness, another wealth...All with different concept. They spend most of their time and energy to get it. But it does not give a guaranty of satisfaction. Meanwhile it could give you basic comforts of life.
So as we all different and see happiness differently we all moving in the direction we believe it is the right one. So did Christie, the main character ...view middle of the document...

She has such a strong and constant personality by choosing all this mixture of different jobs but for some reason or another finds it improper or fails.
During this fails it so hard to handle it on its own, we need some one by our side.Someone you can rely on in tough time. All of us needs it no matter how strong you are because all of us has an Achilles heel so we need some protection. She needed that protection more than ever when she wanted to throw herself off a bridge in a particularly bad moment. Her sisterhood was essential to her and it saved her and turned her life around to the way of changes.
Christie eventually falls in love with an ingenuous guy, even has to refuse a past lover because she didn't feel the same.
"I must love some one," she said, as she leaned over a basket of
magnificent flowers just left for her by Mr. Fletcher's servant, a
thing which often happened now. "Philip has loved me with a fidelity
that ought to touch my heart. Why not accept him, and enjoy a new
life of...

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