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So You Don't Like My Music

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Country music has long been a genre of music that speaks to millions of people. Over the years country music has transformed from the traditionalism of its roots, to the modern pop culture inspired country we have today. Today country music artists are consumed with becoming famous and with making profit. But has this modern country music, which some refer to as sixth genre country, become too consumed with pop culture. For those who enjoy this genre, we must also ask if it has lost touch with the traditionalism it once had. Perhaps the country that is produced today wants to stray from its origins and become a new genre in and of itself.
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Prior to the 90s, a change had already began in country music that would affect its sincerity. Artist's began to write their songs and alter their performances to cater to an audience that wanted to see the sophisticated hillbillies from their perception of an honest southern world. Artists such as Dolly Parton , began to change both their outward presence and their character on stage to leap to fame in the new culture. In an article on the emergence of this new country music, George Lewis discusses how performers at the Grand Ole Opry would put on a performance on stage of fame and stardom, before going to the local coffee shops and restaurants on performing with their real personalities and styles.
This transition into a new genre of country music was then further emphasized by the events taking place throughout the entirety of America. It was during the 90s that stars began to reach to new levels of fame and fortune. Country music stars began to aspire to reach the stardom and wealth of pop stars such as Janet Jackson, who in 1996, became signed the largest recording deal at just of $80 million. It was also during this time, that country music began to attract a new focal point, relationships. Up until this point, it would have been considered taboo to sing about relationship in a manner that many would have called too risqué. This was no longer the case in popular American society any more, however. This was no an American society that witnessed and accepted an American president's infidelities. For if Americans would be so accepting of President Clinton's infamous relations, why wouldn't they want to hear about them in their favorite music.
The American society began to change, and thus country music singers and writers had to adapt. Today, sixth generation country music has been commonly referred to as a mix of pop and traditional country. Keith Flynn, a writer for the Daily Nebraskan, describes modern country music to be about country roads, trucks, beers, John Deere and girls. He continues in one of his articles to say that the commonly used formula for most all successful country music includes "relatable lyrics and cookie-cutter song song techniques". While Mr. Flynn might be using sarcastic metaphors to describe sixth generation country music, he isn't far from the truth.
Most popular country music today consists of many of these common southern subjects. For example, Florida...

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