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So You Want To Be A Pharmacist

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As Chemistry major I will like pursue a career in the medical school. A bachelor degree is simply not enough but is the minimum requirement. After graduating from Alabama A&M University, I would like to move on to Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy. As a Pharmacist I will be responsible for dispensing prescription medications to patients and offering how to safely use prescriptions. Eventfully I plan on moving to New York City and living out my career to the fullest.
A student must complete a minimum of 2-3 years of undergraduate work before an acceptance into pharmacy school will be made. Also a student must complete the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). There are 129 ...view middle of the document...

6 percent which in return will add five million jobs to work force by 2022. In May of 2012 pharmacist annual wage was $116,670. According to employment projections this will account for more than one-third of the projected new jobs. Jobs that are similar to pharmacy are Biochemist, Anesthesiologist, Medical Scientist, Registered Nurses, Physicians and Surgeons and Pharmacy Technicians. With many doctors reaching the age for retirement many people are needed to fill their positions. A typical day for pharmacist will include advising physicians and customers of the side effects of medication, monitor a patient response to the drug, recommend over the counter drugs, advice on diet and completion if third party insurance and paperwork.
From what I have read it reinforces my pursuit of the health care field. With this field it requires one to reach higher levels of education. Also, once employed in the field one has to continuously update certification. In order to achieve these goals I plan on ensuring I follow through on my schooling. Even through the recession many hospitals saw little downturn. Overtime I fell there will be no decrease in the field as Americans have spent more than 2.6...

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