The Adam Shepard Project: Homeless Man

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The time span this book occurred in is from July 2006 to April 2007 in Charleston, South Carolina. Portraying as a homeless man, Shepard starts off in Crisis Ministries, a homeless shelter that would have “the resources necessary to get him [me] back on his [my] feet,” (Chapter 1, page 9) which was a great kick-starter for his project. Shepard would move into an attic of one of his boss's, George, friend, Mickey, because it was the “best all-around deal that he [I] was going to find,” (Chapter 11, page 137) and because he wanted to leave Crisis Ministries, due to Shepard accepting that the Crisis Ministries was unacceptable to consider to stay in. Afterward, Shepard bought an apartment with his co-worker, Derrick's, cousin, Bubble Gum, because Shepard “wanted something more permanent.” (Chapter 12, page 167) At the end of his story, Shepard ends his project short and moved back to his childhood home of Raleigh, North Carolina because “his [my] mom’s cancer returned and with even greater aggression (Chapter 16, page 203).

Most readers know the basic concept of the American Dream, what the speaker intends for the audience to do is to gain a “you can do better than that. You!” mentality (Epilogue, page 218). During the story, Shepard embraces any type of work he would get because working was key in his objective of gaining enough money to prosper in America. He would say, “any work was better than no work.” (Chapter 4, page 48) because he promote making a difference in lives, either the difference was made in their own life or others' lives. The audience would be described as skeptics who are questioning the American Dream's actuality and anyone looking for guidance, but are unsure of American Dream because Shepard forms many warning of his story/project; for example, Shepard points out that he would not “flood[ing] people [you] with a wide range of statistics” (Introduction Chapter, page ix) to assure that his story is based on his own personal experience during his project and not off of numbers and factual information. Overall, the audience needs to know that the story is about Shepard's “attitude of success” (Introduction Chapter, page x), where he uses his story of his search of the American Dream to articulate his opinion of success.

Obviously, the purpose of the...

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