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Speaker: The speaker is an imaginary sketch of a male very cleaver, smart aleck that doesn’t give up on what he wants he was not given a name, this piece was produced by John Donne a great English poet, and one of the greatest writers of English prose who gained fame as a preacher in the 19 century in this piece John Donne is structuring the speaker to cleverly convince his Beloved to have sex. The speaker said things that could back him up in his favor which could make him somewhat bias, Quote “How little that which thou deniest me is; It sucked me first, and now sucks thee, And in this flea our two bloods mingled be;” Basically the speakers point is if his beloved had sex with him YES it is a sin but it wouldn’t be a big deal it would be as little as the flea both of their blood mingled in. And backing up that statement he quotes, “Oh stay, three lives in one flea spare, Just so much honor, when thou yield’st to me, Will waste, as this flea’s death took life from thee.” After begging to spare the fleas life he proves that sinning is not a big deal now that she took basically 3 lives meaning she sinned 3 times in 1 having sex won’t make any difference or change the way she is looked at by God.
Occasion: The speaker and his beloved are meeting up secretly I believe outside somewhere no one could find them because their families frown upon them being a couple they didn’t approve of their love for each other it was around medieval times because of the lingo used in the text.
Audience: The beloved is the main audience in which the speaker is trying to transition to his way of thinking. But it is directed to readers as a testimony that the Devil was put on earth to confuse the mind of others so they can commit the crime of sin because John Donne was a preacher. My assumptions of the audience is that they are religious or have a religious understanding because the diction the speaker is using compares to what’s used in the bible and due to the lack of religious interest most people in today’s society don’t know how to read the bible or Shakespeare because of the wording used it takes time to learn and comprehend. Also the reason why his beloved was saying no to sleeping with him was because of religious reasons that’s why the speaker brought up the word sin several times in this poem. He is using modern language because this was the language that was developed after Common Era.
Purpose: It is a testimony the speaker is trying to portray that having intercourse with him...

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