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Soaps (Eastenders) Essay

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SoapsThe television soap opera EastEnders televised by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) on the channel BBC 1 is one of the most popular soaps viewed in Britain today. This is due to the drama possessing many traits to sustain viewers by creating a sense of meaning which also contributes to entertaining the audience. Film making devices such as mise-en-scene, editing, and sound are detrimental in allowing the soap to become moving thus making an impact on the audience. The five minute exert that has been chosen for discussion, comes from the episode that was televised on the 11/1/02.The exert consists of two scenes that are juxtaposed with one another to create a deep dramatic sequence ...view middle of the document...

The question posed is will he make it in time? At the audiences ease Natalie gives birth to the baby but there is a moment where we are unsure of whether or not it survived the birth. There is complete silence and we are waiting for a response. The sound is then broken by the cry's from the baby, and we feel relieved. Barry and Natalie hold their baby proud, and Roy has failed to make it on time to the birth.Money is always a big issue in our lives, in Hollywood big budget blockbusters can cost multi-millions to produce. However they need to have access to such large sums of money to be able to not only get onto the big screen and compete with other films, but need to offer the public something special that they wouldn't be able to get on television. On the other hand for television, it's a different story. Most channels are funded by advertising companies that pay to display their products before, during and after programs. Other networks get their funds from elsewhere such as the BBC which is endorsed by the television licences. Pay TV such as cable and sky are funded by the public that pay for the service and also receive funds from advertising. By knowing this it is quite easy to understand why television broadcasting companies have less money to play around with in regards to production costs. This is an evident factor why soaps such as EastEnders are somewhat less glossy to feature films. By being unable to catch the viewer with special effects, big stars, exotic setting, etc, they are able to do so in a different fashion. EastEnders for example employ the same sets for every episode hence why the drama is always set around Albert Square, the meeting place for all the characters is always the Queen Vic (local pub) or the café or in the market place. This is a cost effective way of being able to keep to a low budget, but on a positive note allows the audience to become accustomed to the setting and it almost becomes their home when they tune in. Albert Square not only is just a fictional place, it becomes the audiences' home, and the characters become people they know. This in effect results in the drama having more meaning to the viewer, and becomes a part of their lives. This is one of the methods of how television programs gain viewers.Mise-en-scene is a French term that means, putting into the scene. It is the film making technique which relates to everything being within the sight of the camera such as setting, costume and make up, lighting, movement and acting, space, characters, and lighting. For example, the establishing shot of the exert consists of an extreme long shot of the hospital being in sight. Without the knowledge of how to prepare the mise-en-scene, the portrayal of films could not be comprehended or put forward successfully. When we are in the hospital room, we are shown a gathering of close family situated around Natalie's hospital bed there are a variety of close ups to display the emotions of the characters,...

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