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The main character Lisa was introduced as being scared and confused. “But now all the adults are gone”.This represents her change because she had been just a normal child until her parents had died along with every other adults and this had made them all confused and scared with nobody to look after them. She had tried to avoid other characters because she knew they would try to steal from her. When Lisa was around her brother she was kind and brave.”Please tell me a story”. This represent her being brave and kind because she had taken over the parent role by telling him stories every night and she was kind because she had made up the stories and they all had happy endings.However as the story went on she became harsh. Yet around her friends and her brother she was caring. Lisa had became very responsible and smart as time continued. “I called this meeting because…”. This represents her being smart and responsible because she had developed a group that kept everyone safe around their neighborhood. Lisa had used her brain and came up with an amazing idea that could have been the only reason anyone in the neighborhood was still alive a year later.
At the beginning of the story everyone was just trying to survive. They had gotten food from wherever they could find it. “Lisa looked towards the farmhouse...”. This represents how they found food wherever they could because everyone was just trying to get the food they could from wherever they could and that’s what lisa was doing in this point in the story. They were scared and started to form gangs in order to get more food and safety. Yet as the story continued food was getting harder and harder to find. So, Lisa had taught several people that all you needed to do was think. Lisa and her group found a huge food supply and wanted to protect it. “The less people that know the better...”. This represents how they wanted to protect their food because if many people knew then they could torture them into telling them where it was located. The story had completely changed to where they went from barely surviving to thriving just by thinking.
Fearfulness- Connotative- Blue, Hurt, Escape Denotative- An emotion experienced during pain or danger. this is important because everyone at the beginning or the story had shown fearfulness.
Grateful- Connotative- brotherly, Kind, Forgiving Denotative- Feeling or showing appreciation of kindness. This is important because in the story everyone had expressed this when they had joined forces.
Responsibilities- Connotative- Grown up, Work, Smart Denotative- The state of having a duty. This is important to the story because Lisa had many...

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