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The study undertaken by Clifton and Nelson (1992) emphasize why we must focus and enhance our strengths while managing our weaknesses. They candidly elucidate the significant bearing of employees’ strengths and weaknesses have on the overall performance of the organization. According to them today’s business executives should abandon traditional views, focus on developing and utilizing employees’ strengths, and ardently examine the impact of weakness on overall company performance Consequently, they must confront stereotypical notions and beliefs concerning “training, promotion, and employee development. In chapter 5 and 6, Clifton and Nelson have explained how “strengths should be developed in the framework of mission in relation to others.”
Living a Mission Statement
In order to succeed in any business enterprise, we must have a mission we are intending to fulfill. Take for instance Mary Kay who launched a cosmetics empire not because she wanted profits but because she was driven by the mission to achieve. Mary narrates that she not only had the product and the passion to make it excel in the market but also the desire to make women achieve. However, she was frustrated as a woman since society did not recognize her efforts. In fact, Mary laments how she trained a salesman who later became her superior simply because he was a man. In her pursuits, Mary wanted to form a company, which respected women’s integrity, performance, hard work, and determination.
Clifton and Nelson (1992) contend that in organizational settings, “personal mission is rare, so rare that we hardly recognize people having it.” So often, we have lived without missions in our businesses. Consequently, we tend to promote furtherance of our objectives and development of our careers. Normally, we acknowledge “the value of passion as a motivator as we celebrate the vision of our leaders without realizing that mission they don’t have pre-determined mission. It is therefore it is important to abandon the traditional notions that mission resides only in big settings and instead focus on contemporary achievers who feel and promote the idea that mankind can abundantly benefit from their work in several ways and hence they are driven by that mission. In order for organizations to succeed, they must articulate their mission since it is the heart of what they do. Business leadership must know that mission is altruistic, it has an eternal quality, and its benefits are felt across generations.
Importance of relationships
Despite the fact that we have negative and unfulfilling relationships, business leaders ought to understand the true meaning of relationships, especially positive relationships. Clifton and Nelson (1992) define relationships as “the process of investing in others’ own good but without asking for personal reward.” Since human beings are social animals, we immensely benefit from others when we form positive and rewarding relationships....

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