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Soaring To New Heights In Education

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The promotional advertisement by the Educational Achievement Authority utilized the advertising agency of Lowe Campbell Ewald of the United States. This company is or is not known? Their slogan I can soar is developed and argued by the ad agency: the creative and solution planning just to have a few. They also are known for OnStar and Olympic paint Commercials.
This advertiser's intentions are directional forthcoming. They are appealing to their perceived audience of parents with children and also to children of an age to bug their parents to allow them to attend the Educational Achievement Authority.
The visual component appeals to pathos, the text is more directed to the egos and logos all elements, however, are throughout the ad.
The appeal to pathos begins at the center of the photograph. Purdue Owl lets its readers know this is the location the guide looks at naturally (Purdue Owl). At the center is a visually stunning photograph of a young school-aged brown skinned girl. She is adorned with a pair of butterfly wings. The wings colors are primary colors and colors of the rainbow. This undeniably causes both adult and child alike to respond favorably and wish to know more. This ad requires the targeted audience to have a need for enrolling a child into school.
The text is then quickly scanned by the viewers intended academic response to the visual stimulation. The text caption reads "I can soar." The array of colors and the brightness act as energy to the reader. The intention is for the parents to be intellectually intended wall the school-aged child may just say to their parent: "I want that", "I want to look like that", and "I want to go there". The text continues on and still pathos readings. The claim is "at an education authority school are unique students focused curriculum has resulted in many of our children learning at twice the rate as students at other schools."
Another rhetorical strategy is the ad provides early access to guarantee more information within the text tells parents they may excel their child immediately; and moreover, their child will be successful. They in plain settle text give their readers the way to in which to gain access about their school. It's an early to access URL and easy and inviting; an easy way to get information without much effort on the part of the intended parent. "Find out more at I can "(...

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