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In the year 2000 the United Nations set out a goal to stop hunger poverty and unfair living to people of the world not just the United States. This idea was called the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Upon taking on a task such as this the UN wanted to break down goals in sections of eight to better categorize them to use every resource they had to make this plan possible. Not every catgeroy had the same plan put in place and for that exact reason these goals where not something to be done over night, hence how the name of the idea started with millennium. The UN has also been known for their work to gather its members and countries as one to work to accomplish its goals of maintaining peace and security, they wanted to protect human rights by providing humanitarian assistance, and assisting economic and social development throught the world. This gives us a better idea of what MDG project is for and how it was created.
One MDG that can be met through technological development, innovation or implementation is the second of eight which is Universal Education. This goal was important because it was believed that through education, future society members will have the ability to reduce or put a stop to world poverty and help to accomplish worldwide peace and security. This goal can be met technonglical delvopment by the introduction of computers to countries that don’t have access to these tools like other countries would. The additions of smart computers would give better recsources to the students as well as the teachers that are teaching, thus meeting the MDG of unvieral education. A goal such as this one would not need to innovation but would need to be implemented. A goal such as this would have to be an idea that is brought to the attention of many people to show them that such technonlgy could be a better resource for them and the people that they are trying to help in the long run. In the article called: “Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through innovative public service delivery: A critical assessment of implementing client service charters in Tanzania”, they dicuss an example of this innovation in Tanzina, but they also discuss the difficlites in implementing such technonlogies. They state that implementing new tchnogly would be straying way from the norm in which they do things (Njunwa 2011). In the article Tanzina did not fully understand the difference between an invention and innovation, something such as this would cause a rift in the technological developlemnt because of some not wanting to stray away from what is normally done. None the less this implementing computers in the second goal of MDG is a technonligcal goal that can indeed me met through implementing computers in class rooms.

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