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It was a terribly hot day as a young boy practiced his hardest to prepare for a soccer trial with his representative club the Smithfield Hotspurs. He had always been in the lowest team possible. He had always work really hard but has never been able to cut it.He had a friend who had been in the top team every year; he always told Harry to practice as much as he could he would surely make the team.This year Harry made sure he trained and trained and trained even if it meant having to skip school. He pushed him self to the max. Every day he would arrive home with a puddle of sweat dripping from his face.The day of the soccer trails were coming fast and Harry felt he was in the best shape he had ever been in. The night before the trial Harry went to bed early insuring a good night sleep. That night all Harry could think of was him holding up the Gold Trophy that represented first in the competition. He dreamt he had scored the winning goal in the final second."It's a wonderful pass up field by Chester with Kane in control of the ball now back heeling and turning tempting the opposition to steal it. Kane now cross passes to Harry who's in the top corner. Harry steps pass one no two defenders and takes a crack at it. IT'S A GOAL! What an inspirational piece of footwork. He took a chance and it has paid off." Harry awoke with a great big smile on his face ready for the trial. He got his shin pads, socks, boots, soccer shorts and soccer shirt on hours before needed. He even arrived at the oval before having to be there. When it was time to start he stretched every muscles in his body then drank a bottle of water to cool down. The coach then called all players over to the seats and began a speech, "Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege to be given the opportunity of coaching such a great team. I have lead this team to championship gold on 6 different occasions with gaining knowledge of teams and players. If you listen and cooperate with me I will lead you and your team mates to championship gold once again. Now let's get in to it." The trial was tough with all aspects of the game coming into play such as fitness, control, accuracy, power, awareness and confidence. During the fitness test we had to run sprints of 100m in 15sec or less and Harry only just made it running the time of 14.4sec which he was happy with. Then it was onto the control aspect when Harry had to travel around witches hats using a ball with out hitting a single cone. Accuracy was hard as well when each player had to kick the soccer ball through a reasonable sized car tyre in the back of the net. Power, awareness and confidence were no problem for Harry to complete from all the training he had put him self threw. As the trial was coming towards the end the coach had called all the boys in for another speech, "First of all thank you for all turning up today I greatly appreciate your cooperation and ask you to be patient as we can not announce the team today but it will be...

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