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The adult soccer goal is 24 feet long by 8 feet high, and the penalty shot, which is the shot I will be using in order to keep a constant spot, is 12 yards away from the back of the goal. The independent factors of the experiment are the different angles of the shot. Dependent factors would be the number of goals scored. The controls of the experiment are the size of the goal, soccer ball type, soccer ball size and weight, temp in the gym, kicking surface, and the method of measurement. Variables that will affect the experiment are force, speed, velocity, and most importantly, experience.
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This is the type of kick that is referred to among soccer players as the spot where the crossbar meets the upright bar, where it makes a 90° angle, because it is much more challenging for the goalie to stop it. This kick is an important shot when determining angles and measurements.
A lot of players, depending on where they are positioned on the field, will keep their ball low and fast, and away from the goalie. Playing straight on at the goalie, in the center of the field like a penalty shot, has its advantages and also has several downsides. Playing straight on reduces the amount of angles that must be taken in, due to the fact that it is a forward shot. It also has many downsides. The goalie can now split the goal, and where the player is positioned. The kicker has much more to aim at when straight on, so therefore this is the easiest kick. As you move one way or the other, the probability of making the shot goes down. Standing facing the front of the goal is a 130° shot, so by walking towards the right would decrease the angle, making it a more difficult shot.
What part of the foot the kicker also makes a big difference. Most players that have experience with soccer will use the top of their foot, where the laces are, to direct and power the ball in. People that do not have any prior knowledge of the game will use their toes to kick it, where it is much harder to aim and keep the shot under control. The kickers in my experiment know the proper way to kick, and will kick the same way throughout.

Kicking on the laces of your foot, as most soccer players would call it, is a much more controllable and powerful type of kick. A lot of amateur soccer players will tend to kick with the tip of their shoe, by the toes, and they are much less accurate, and can only kick half the speed that others can. Also, when kicking with the laces of your foot, you can...

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