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Nowadays, a growing number of people argue that whether modern soccer should become more related to commerce, because the fund is becoming the major criterion to estimate the value of a club and coming from various sources, which include advertising, tickets, finical support and so on. Although some people will say that overfull commercial atmosphere will be the toxic for soccer game, however I think that the combination of soccer and commerce will be the paradigm of modern soccer’s revolution.
With the increased rate of people criticize commercial activities such as interviews; advertisements and kinds of parties will decrease the concentration of player for the game. They mention that the basic role of a player is to play exciting games instead of doing commercial activities, but I have to confess that the judgment is too unilateral. The more I think, the more I concern about is commerce in a sense will stimulate player to become more passion and with high pursuit. With a growing number of demands of audience, the championships are hold in high frequency, players are at pains to train and to play games for the each champions and honors. Besides the honors, along with the increase of salary, if you type, “Become a soccer player” in Google, you will see a lot of titles are “how to become a professional soccer player”, and why do so many people want to be a professional soccer player? According to the research the average salary of a professional football player in Europe is about $100,000 per year and an America is bout $80,000 per year (, which both are pretty higher than Household income witch is over 34,000$ per year in United States (Rachel Zupek, 20 Jobs that Pay America’s Average Salary, Retrieved Aug12 2009,
People always like using luxury and unreality to describe that the commerce’s effect to soccer. They think some players lives in a house, which costs million dollars, and with a few supercars in their car barns, and media always like reporting news about the famous players and share lives to fans that is kind of sensationalization. However, in my opinion media is a way to help players build the influence; andwhat kind of lives they live depend on how endeavor they pay out. If I ask who is the most famous player now, no matter from information or people’s know, you cannot deny that David Beckham is most valuable player in the world that although he as an assistant instead of...

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