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CO12 Presentation Notes Chapter Eleven The Dialogue of Deterioration Troublesome Ways of Expressing * One person's perception of what constitutes affection and caring does not match the other's perception * the painful channels of sending and receiving messages of caring and affection Any pattern has the potential for being perceived destructive * All our principles were right, but our results were wrong. This is a diseased century. We diagnosed the disease and its causes with microscopic exactness, but wherever we applied the healing knife a new sore appeared. Our will was hard and pure, we should have been loved by the people. But they hate us. (Koestler) Destructive Patterns * Helpful-Critical Patterns * "Helpful" help when not asked or needed - patronizing manner Mindreading - needs or feelings * Critical finding a flaw - look at the world through black colored glasses Destructive Patterns * Active-Passive Patterns * Active Constantly seeking interaction, being together, being friends or intimate * Passive a style of being withdrawn, uninvolved, introverted Destructive Patterns * Aggressive-Evasive Patterns * Aggressive - five levels: repartee - witty remarks to hit others cliché - programmed comments namecalling provocation - insults, threats, accusations physiological degeneration Destructive Patterns * Evasive - four methods 1. changing the focus of responsibilities - "See what you made me do." 2. Changing the direction of conversation 3. Changing the level of the conversation (e.g. practical - philosophic) 4. Sending in congruous message ( double-bind e.g. 383) Destructive Patterns * Dominating-Submissive Patterns * Dominating Life is a competitive arena where one person wins and the other loses - "I have to love you the way I want".* Submissive "Wouldn't it be nice to be paired up with a slave?" Destructive Patterns * Certain - Provisional Patterns * Certain Know it all Nothing new under the sun * Provisional - can't do or say anything for sure - "I can't make the commitment things will be different." Chapter 10 Communication and the Process of Relationship Disengagement Reasons for Breaking Up: A Redbook Survey: (10) in-laws (9) women's equality issues (8) alcohol or drug abuse (7) conflicts about children (6) money (5) lack of excitement or fun (4) infidelity (3) sexual incompatibility (2) loss of shared goals or interests Reasons for Breaking Up (1) a breakdown in communication: Couples didn't seem to talk to each other about matters that were central to the continuance of a close relationship (e.g., what you feel, what you want from the relationship Reasons for Breaking Up * dissatisfaction with one's partner * disillusionment with the relationship * difficulties with individual characteristics * problems with others who form the relationship network * inability to deal with the strain imposed by circumstances (e.g. relocation) Manners of Disengagement * Dissolve with abrupt suddenness (Sudden death) * Small but regular...

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940 words - 4 pages Social media sites have taken over almost everyone’s house; almost everyone has an account in one of social media sites or at least knows what social media sites are. Rouse and Wigmore (2012) pointed out that “Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.” So basically, social media sits are free sites that anyone can sing up for in order to

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1174 words - 5 pages Social studies is defined by the Board of Director of the National Council for the social studies as, the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. Within the school program, social studies provides coordinated, systematic study drawing upon such disciplines as anthropology, archeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology, as well as

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1046 words - 5 pages Social justice is extremely important particularly in relation to social policy, social work practice and community development as it seeks to alleviate oppression and relates to the suitable distribution of resources and services (Cheyne, O'Brien, & Belgrave, 2008). This form of justice is recognized as distributive justice as it is concerned with the fair distribution of all resources that are required for well-being and it seeks to ensure all

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1262 words - 5 pages After coming to North Carolina Central University I have distinct opinion of what the social work profession is. Before, when I was still in high school I had a poor general idea of social workers. I was aware that school social workers had a degree but, I was under the impression that such degree was not needed to work in a place like the department of social services and both positions carried the same title. I knew of someone who worked at

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1392 words - 6 pages In today’s society social work plays an extremely important role. With the misfortunes of many, social workers are there to lend a helping hand and to improve the quality of life to those who happen to be at a disadvantage and whom are less fortunate. It is the social workers’ hard work, dedication, compassion, good-heartedness, and strive that allow men, women, children, and families to overcome obstacles and difficulties all while continuing

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1055 words - 5 pages A social worker is one of many helpful fields in our society. They help people and families deal with everyday life issues that plague most minorities. They help individuals of all race and gender to accomplish personal as well as broad goals in life and teach them how to maintain stability. Becoming a social worker I feel will be an exciting and challenging career. Being a social worker entitles being able to identify those who are in need

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2421 words - 10 pages Social Work Social work is located within some of the most complex problems and perplexing areas of human experience, and for this reason, social work is, and has to be, a highly skilled activity.” (Trevithick, 2000,p.1) Explain the meaning of this statement, and consider whether it is an adequate definition of the nature

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1103 words - 5 pages Atonement is set in England during the 1930’s in which during that time society was highly influenced by very segregated social class, in the novel both characters Cecilia and Robbie are the most affected characters by this segregated social class. Social class is one of the big themes in the novel “Atonement” it helps establish the background and foundation of the whole plot. It adds to the conflict the characters deal with throughout the novel

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1845 words - 8 pages There are about one and a half billion users of social media worldwide. It can be used to meet new people, find old friends, chat the day away, join interest groups, or even to share pictures. Social networks were mostly created so people could meet and find new friends. What most users of social media don't know, are the dangers of using social media. One example is when you meet a person online, because they are not always who they

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1750 words - 7 pages Communication has always been an important factor for humans. From the early ages of life, people have always been searching for easier ways to communicate with one another. As new social media networks are introduced, communication is becoming more accessible and convenient. People are fascinated with the fact of sharing ideas, opinions, and staying connected with such an availability. But with so much influence of social media in our daily

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898 words - 4 pages In January 2013 a prominent national US newspaper quoted former Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you are going.” However, In “The Land of Opportunity,” James Loewen discusses how significant inequality is in America. The social class that you are born into will influence your outlook on social class and will also be the social class you stay in (Loewen, 1995. 322). Your social class will

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1421 words - 6 pages Catholic Social Teaching and Food The dignity of every human life is the foundation for Catholic social teaching (CST). The right to life for all persons, based on their identity as precious children of God, means that all people have basic rights to those things that are necessary for them to live and thrive, including the right to food. Our commitment to the value of each human life should be reflected in both individual choices and in the

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1695 words - 7 pages There are many explanations for the origins of modern social psychology. It is therefore important to consider that social psychology cannot be traced back to one single source of origin (Burr, 2003). Hence, this is the reason why there are debates of what social psychology is. Allport (1985) described social psychology as the study an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours which are influenced by the actual, imagines, or implied