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Social Acceptance: Five Basic Social Personalities

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Through interaction within the school the students in The Breakfast Club became connected not only as a detention group but as a family as well. The characters represent the 5 basic social personalities, which can also define members in a family or group of friends. Many of these social acquaintances are established as soon as high school and can either follow you through your later years or you can change them. In high school everybody has that one group of friends that they associate themselves with and many of the groups consist of the 5 different personalities. I had had the pleasure of meeting a pretty diverse crowd and I had one of each type in the group. These 5 social personalities ...view middle of the document...

When you think of the word princess you see a long-haired beauty in a beautiful ball gown and hidden away in some castle. This is true minus the ball gown and castle of course. Kristen was in fact the prettiest girl in the group and she was the wealthiest. She lived in Big Creek, which was a golf course that maintained a high status on the rich scale, and she belonged to the country club. She was a very likable person though she came from wealth she never flaunted it. She had a way of walking into any room and making everybody feel instantly better about themselves. She didn't have one snobby bone in her body and I believe that Kristen was a true princess. She had the style, grace, and loving heart that a true princess contributes.
A jock is a stereo-typically term for an athlete and they are often described as rude and arrogant. In my case, I ran into the complete opposite of the normal typecast. Brad was, to tell you the truth, very handsome. He had the physique of a Greek god and was an extremely nice person. Brad was also very smart he managed to be in two sports, work part-time, and get good grades in school. He did like to party and have a good time but he was always smart about it and never took things past the point of no return. He was a complete player and he had a different girlfriend ever week and never thought twice about it, but it was hard not to have a huge crush on him. The one characteristic that was a downside to Brad’s irresistible charm was his temper when he got mad you had better stayed out of his way because it wouldn't end up pretty if you decided to step in his path. Brad had a lot of amazing characteristics but he also had some not so great ones but he was always the athlete in the group and stayed that way all throughout college.
Though I have never met a true criminal that had felonies and was in prison, I have had the displeasure of meeting a handful of trouble makers and only one I truly remember the most. Jon had been a great guy but he had never been the type to...

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