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Social Acceptance, Or Not Essay

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In our society, physical appearance is a pronounced issue that has been for years. Our physical appearance has been a major factor in how people see themselves, as well as other people. People care too much about physical appearances that they forget to think about how people feel and what their personality is. Who cares what size you are, how tall or short you are, or what kind of haircut you chose? Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. This focus on outward appearance is not just in our society, nor is it the first time that it has come about. Other societies around the world, all throughout the span of time have struggled with the same social issue. An example can be shown through ...view middle of the document...

” Which, in other words means that she was appealing to the eyes and so she “deserved” better than to live a life of poverty.
Continuing on in the novel, Victor Frankenstein describes his creature and his own reaction to the “monster” he created. Before he even begins to describe the creation, he judges his work. He scrutinizes it and describes it with negativity. He speaks of the monster’s “watery eyes,” “yellow skin,” and “shriveled complexion.” He is disgusted by its horrible features and it consumes his heart when he comes to the realization of what he has done. He was hoping to create a species better than the human race, but he created a creature that was “ugly” before it had even been completed. Even once it had been finished and brought to life it was a “thing such as even Dante could not have conceived.” With his reaction as such, it shows his character and how he is just like everyone else who judges people or creature by their physical appearance rather than taking the time to know who they are. (find description in novel pg 60)
Another example Shelley gives is through the De Lacey family and their reaction to the monster when he is seen in the cabin trying to talk to De Lacey which is on page 121. The way William reacts and describes the creature fuels the fire that is the discrimination against physical appearances. Last but not least, an example is given in the reaction from Walton on pages 185 and 186. The De Lacey family is disgusted and scared of the monster and it makes the monster leave. After their judgement of the monster he ends up speaking with the blind man. Because the creature has learned how to speak quite well, the blind man accepts him. Without the gift of sight, the blind man doesn’t have the ability to judge the creature by its appearance and accepts the creature as he is. De Lacey doesn’t place any judgement upon the physical appearance of the creature but on the sincerity in his voice and the knowledge he posses and conveys through his speech. Being seen in a different way doesn’t last long for the creature because the rest of the De Lacey family returns home shortly after and upon seeing the creature one faints, another runs away and the other trys to beat him. They gave him no chance for explanation. Almost as exact as the De Lacey family, William had not given the creature a chance to explain himself. He happens to run into the creature, where he was staying that night, and upon seeing the creature William freaks out. He covered his eyes, screamed, and called the creature a monster, an ugly wretch, and an orge. Then, he claims that the creature wishes to eat him and tear him to pieces, which there was no indication that that is what he wanted to do. William based those...

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