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Jose Mendoza-Gonzalez 844 PATTON CT JONESBORO, GA 30236-1841
Jose Mendoza-Gonzalez 844 PATTON CT JONESBORO, GA 30236-1841
Contract No./Plan ID No.: Participant ID Number: Loan ID Number:
7-09236 XXXXX4964 2
I hereby apply for a Loan from the Account held for my benefit in the:
(hereinafter referred to as the Plan) in the amount of $6,500.00. The Loan will be repaid by me over 255 payments of $28.15 with a final payment of $28.13 by regular payroll deduction. A one time $50.00 set up fee will be deducted from the account the plan holds for my benefit. Part 2: LOAN AGREEMENT
A. Promissory Note
Promise to Pay: I promise to pay to the order of the Trustee(s) of the Plan the principal sum of $6,500.00 plus interest on the unpaid balance at the rate of 4.250% per year until the Loan is repaid in full.
Payment Schedule: I promise to repay the retirement funds loaned to me according to the payment schedule shown above. I may make a full prepayment at any time.
Default: I understand and agree that if any amount payable with respect to my Loan remains unpaid for more than 90 days after such amount is due, the Loan shall become immediately due and payable. In the event of a default, the Plan shall have the right to pursue any remedy available by law to satisfy the amount due, including the right to execute upon its security interest in the vested account . However, the Plan shall not levy against any portion of the vested account until a distribution from that account could otherwise be made under the Plan. Maintenance fees will apply until the loan is repaid in full or the Plan executes upon its security interest in the vested account held for my benefit, if earlier

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1075 words - 4 pages can spend the budget on programs that link marriage promotion and education to teen pregnancy prevention, family planning and carrier preparation activities. Devoting a fraction of the budget to research will help to improve the programs.Work CitedGrier, Peter and Jonsson, Patrik. "Should government be trying to promote good marriages?" Christian Science Monitor 20 Jan. 2004 30 Sep. 2004 .Health, Christine. "Marriage promotion debate tied to welfare." Washington Times 28 Jun. 2004 .Litcher, Daniel and Grabmeier, Jeff. "The Formation of State Actor-Social Movement Coalitions and Favorable Policy Outcomes." Social Problems 51 (2004): 478-504.

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