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1.Introduction:New Zealand is a famous tourist attraction, not only the beautiful scenery but also the beautiful sunlight brings the good reputation. However, the potential threat behind the beautiful sunlight. It also brings excessively irradiation to New Zealander, causes the high proportion of skin cancer. Therefore, this report will focus on the social marketing issues in New Zealand, deal with Auckland Cancer Society. The report will perform detailed social marketing analyses on Cancer Society of New Zealand and Health Sponsorship Council project – SunSmart, including the evaluation of marketing strategies and performance; also provide recommendations to improve their overall performance.2. Social Issues Background:The Water and Atmospheric Research Institute of New Zealand conducted has the conclusion based on the research which focused on New Zealand sunlight irradiation situation in the past 3 years: compared with North America inhabitant who are on identical latitude, New Zealander accepted irradiation were 40% more. That result was equal to New Zealand moves 450 kilometers to equator in the geographical position. In addition, New Zealand’s air condition is pure also causes the penetrability of sunlight to be very high. The expert generally believed that intense irradiation causes New Zealand to become one of highest rate of skin cancer disease countries. New Zealand probably has 50,000 people to suffer skin cancer every year, including more than 200 people to die because of the most serious skin disease - malignant melanoma (Segal, Cynthia G.,2006). Therefore, for people’s health, enjoying sunbathe must be moderate, although the bronze skin is indubitable to make people looks sexy and healthy.3. Goals and Objectives of SunSmart:3.1 The goal of the SunSmart programme is to warn people of skin cancer and encourage the sun protection behaviour in daily life.3.2 The objective of SunSmart aims to:Protect New Zealand children especially aged 12 years and under.Propagandize the threat of sun burn in New ZealandIncrease awareness of SunSmart suggestions - slip, slop, slap and wrap. Change people perceptions that undertake these approaches to protect themselves.Maintain audiences’ loyalty to follow SunSmart protection approaches in the future outdoor activities.4. The Target Audience:The target of SunSmart is New Zealanders who is doing outdoor activities. The priority audiences are New Zealand children who is aged 12 years and under. SunSmart chose this particular segment because of children need more protections than adults. Children’s skin is tender that will cause more probability to incur sunburn. Sunburn not only damage skins but also has potential threat in future life. The probability of skin cancer is higher if someone had sunburn when he/she was a child (Richards, R., & McGee, R., & Knigh, Robert G. ,2001). Obviously, children care is the main part of task for SunSmart programme. In addition, choose...

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