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Social And Political Causes Of The Civil War

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The Civil War was, by far, one of the bloodiest events in American history. Such an event devastated the nation, yet it did not happen on its own accord. A country divided politically, socially, economically, and geographically, each unfolding event drove America toward the brink of the Civil War. Prior to the war – the 1800s – many issues over politics, status of slaves, and the economy plagued the country. The North and South were divided upon these issues and continued to drift further apart with every compromise, movement, and legal decision, increasing violence and hostility on both sides. Although there existed many causes of the Civil War, in the end, the two most important ...view middle of the document...

As a result, political debates about the legitimacy and legality of this ruling began. After the debates, neither side wavered in their standing, resulting in outrage, further division between the Republicans and the Democrats without a solution except war. Similarly, the States’ Rights Doctrine threatened the unity of the country since the South believed the people running the country “are constantly stealing power from the States, and adding to the strength of the federal government” (Hayne, Robert Young, “Speech Before the United States Senate on Mr. Foote’s Resolution”). The South did not want a stronger government, believing it was within the rights of the states that formed the nation to protest against anything they did not approve. Therefore they believed they could leave the United States – to secede. As a result of continued arguing and harsh feelings towards the Republicans and the government, South Carolina would secede (followed by more southern states), breaking apart the nation as a whole. These southern states would later form the Confederacy and attack Fort Sumter, initiating the Civil War. After each cause and effect, the Dred Scott Decision and the States’ Rights Doctrine, along with many other political effects, pushed the political parties to a standstill where separation and war were the only ways to solve their conflicts. Yet there was a different cause that moved the majority of people to waging war.
Creating a division between the common man, social causes, two of which were the Abolition Movement and the Fugitive Slave Act, contributed to increasing problems for the country. Toward the 1800s, stronger opinions formed for and against owning slaves, until the problem of slavery grew so that the government was forced to decide between the two sides. Part of a major movement, abolitionists – many of whom were common men, escaped slaves, women, and others with no political power – believed that...

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