Social Aspect Of Technology Essay

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Social Aspect of Technology
Technology has become a very important part of our lives these days. Nowadays, is very hard for people to see themselves without a computer or a cell-phone. Imagine a day without your phone, either having misplaced it or forgot it at home. It is absolutely unbearable; the fact that you have internet at the work place does not make it better. The reverse is also true, having your phone but there is no internet access at the work place makes you feel alienated from the rest of the world. It’s the Information technology age, internet is what defines you. You are defined by your social media interactions and posts. The internet has become the back bone of our social interactions and relations. From long distance relationships to online dating and Facebook and twitter have also become a source long lasting relationships. Modern Technology has a positive and a negative effect on our lives.
Technology advances show people a more efficient way to communicate. Electronic communication is a good way to have a distance relationship with a partner or family. The use of the internet has grown tremendously over the years and it is estimated that over 2.4 billion of the world population use the internet ( This has given birth to computer-mediated communication (CMC). It is evident CMC is predominantly the most common form of interaction in the workplace where humans spend most of their adult life. The emergence of smart phones has made CMC dominant in every part of our social life. Email has become less dominant and instant messaging and text messaging have become the dominant form of CMC. There has been less and less of face to face communication and this has led to a generation whose social life is defined by electronic communication.
Research into human psychology found that human are generally symbol makers and interpreters (Bellamy). Symbols are communications that have specific meanings and are used to generate social and psychological realities. The ability to interpret these symbols is what generally enables humans to communicate. However the invent of CMC have altered the way humans interact and creating a new form of social history that is different from hegemony of industrial methods of social action (Couch). Technology has changed the ways people interrelate. Information technology has created a new way of expressing oneself such as emails and other shortcuts of expressing emotions as a replacement of the symbols involved in face to face communication.
The development of the humans as social beings from early childhood has greatly changed. There is less and less of human to human interaction to more of human-machine interaction. The invention of role player gaming has taken over a large percentage of our children’s social interaction time. The role players determine the modern generation teenagers’ behavior. They emulate their (role players) every aspect and try to replicate that in the real...

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