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Social Aspects Of Paranoid Schizophrenic Recovery The Assignment Is A Research Paper For Abnormal Psychology.

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Social Aspects of Paranoid Schizophrenic RecoveryIn light of a close friend's recent paranoid schizophrenic breakdown, I decided to research the social aspects of recovery so that I could be as helpful as possible. A great deal of the formal literature concerning the treatment of mental disease in general focuses on psychiatric treatment (i.e. the therapy and drugs commonly used to alleviate the involved symptoms.) I was more interested in how patients deal with recovery outside the hospital or clinic. In the case of my friend, who I will refer to as Auntie, it is clear that whatever problems he has to deal with come back to college with him where he doesn't have the luxury of professional support nor that of his immediate family. I feel like this is where the true struggle lies. How does one re-integrate back into their lives? How do they pick up where they left off? Can they? How do the people they interact with react to their situation and how does this all affect their recovery? Once a problem has been identified, what are the best ways to manifest a long-term solution? Because the paper is focused on effective recovery, it necessarily will exclude the treatment of patients who do not respond to treatment. Rather I will deal with those who have a substantial prognosis for recovery and take a look at what kind of social environments are most conducive to a full recovery.My primary resource is my friend Auntie. I have spent a great deal of time with him for the last five years and have been around to witness his highs and lows. He also graciously allowed me to interview him for this paper. Because I am merely a psychology student and not a professional, I re-enforce my observations with those made in the 'Bonnie Tapes,' for validity. For direct evidence I will refer to both sources since they offer different perspectives. The 'Bonnie Tapes' are a series of taped interviews with a counselor and a young woman, Bonnie, in her mid twenties. The interview sometimes includes members of Bonnie's family and the content relates to how she deals with the disorder and what issues she faces during her recovery. The therapist offers helpful information about the general nature of the disease. The candid responses of her family are especially valuable in illustrating her social environment and its effects. I did not feel that the scope of this project warranted a similar interview of Auntie's family who are not yet as comfortable with his illness as Bonnie's family is. My mini case study does; however, complement the 'Bonnie Tapes' with the diverse sentiments and perceptions of Auntie's peers during and in the aftermath of his breakdown. The two cases are uncannily similar. Both are examinations of the patient after their third major breakdown and both patients exhibited the same types of symptoms. I include research from more technical treatments of this topic to further support my findings.Schizophrenia, describes a group of disorders that cause distorted...

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