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Social Behavior And Personality In Relation To Social Media Usage

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In this study, there were three main SNS that were tested (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), that were correlated with the big five personality traits (conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism). The openness hypothesis that those who were more open would follow more celebrities was only marginally significant for Twitter (r = .35). Openness and a large social network was found to not be significant. The conscientiousness hypothesis of not checking SNS while around friends was found to be only marginally significant for Twitter, having a correlation of r = -.47. Not posting embarrassing materials on SNS and conscientiousness was found to not be significant. The extraversion hypothesis pertaining to being careful about what one posts was marginally significant for Facebook (r = -.33), Instagram (r = .43), and Twitter (r = .33). Extraversion and number of friends was only marginally significant for Twitter with those they follow, r = .36, but number of followers was found to not be significant. Using SNS while studying and extraversion was found to be marginally significant for Instagram (r = -.42), and Twitter (r = -.46), but not Facebook. However, checking SNS while bored and extraversion was marginally significant for Facebook (r = .33), and Instagram (r = -.34), but not Twitter. Agreeableness and not screening other's posts was marginally significant for Facebook only (r = -.43). How one feels when friended and agreeableness was significant for only Twitter, and only for people that they know (r = .51). When observing the data to see if there were any correlations for neuroticism, we only had two significant findings, neuroticism and how one feels when friended on Twitter (r = -.41), and neuroticism and frequency of Twitter use when bored (r = -.41).
The data for this study included a lot of information that investigated a potential link between SNS usage and personality types. The majority of marginally significant, and significant correlations from this study pertained to mainly extraversion, which leads to further questions about the potential link of extraversion to SNS. However, extraversion wasn't the only important key aspect that was realized in this study, but also that Twitter was the preferred choice of SNS, as it correlated to every personality trait in the big five. The high number of correlations to Twitter could be due to its increased popularity, or it's concise and direct nature of the status.
Openness Hypotheses
Openness, as we learned earlier, is one's willingness to try new things, and experience life and the different things in it. The first openness hypothesis was that those who scored high in openness would follow more celebrities, and was found to be marginally significant. As Facebook doesn't include one following celebrities, but liking a page that isn't necessarily created by the celebrity, Facebook couldn't be examined for this portion. However, with Twitter...

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