Social Change: What Is Social Change In Modern Society And How Has It Transformed Our Society University Sociology Essay

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Social change is the transformation of our societies beliefs and behaviourisms over time. How we used to perceive the world and interact with those in it has changed drastically throughout history. What was once the norm in the past, may now seem socially unacceptable in our modern world. These evolutions have changed the way we live, they have also structured human interaction and relationships. How people in our modern society behave and what beliefs they hold, in most cases, are very different to the past. Beliefs and actions in the past are now commonly seen as dated and irrelevant to our modern way of life. Whereas how we behave now seems more rational and acceptable; which in the future may not sense either. Our society is constantly undergoing changes as time moves forward, which is a normal process that cannot be stopped. (The British Sociological Association, 2016). For example, a common belief in the 1050s was that women were the weaker gender, and were not able to perform and think as intelligently as men. Men were seen as superior and were given more opportunities and a higher wage than women; even when doing the same job. Whereas now society has changed its way of thinking and now both men and women classed as equals. Gender equality is now a major belief within our modern society.
These changes in society could be due to our increase in technology and wealth. Our modern society is more intelligent than it ever has been, we know more about the world than ever before. This knowledge has allowed us to invent and create new technologies to make life easier and efficient. These new and advanced technologies introduced to our society has allowed people to gain more knowledge in how the world works and what can be done to improve the standard of living. For example, new ways transport being introduced like cars and airplanes, completely transformed our society. People no longer had to spend hours on boats to travel the world which allowed people to experience new cultures and gave the world global communication. (Macionis, J., and K. Plummer, 2012). Other factors like economic growth, breakthroughs in medicine, equality and social media have all contributed to the social change in our society. They dominate the way we live and allow us to keep progressing forward, transforming our society to a more modern place.
Racism in the past was the norm within society, white privilege was prominent causing other races to be treated as lower class citizens. Slavery was a huge issue in the past where racial minorities were seen as objects and not worthy of respect or rights. They were a minority and therefore their rights and beliefs were not seen as important so were dismissed. Separate facilities were also put in place which meant that races would not have to interact with one another within society. (Augoustinos, Reynolds, 2001). This contrast of how our modern society as now racism is widely socially unacceptable and can even be classed as a...

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